How to Access GTA Online Casino Missions


Posted: May 5, 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

With the opening of the long-awaited Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online, players gained access to new casino missions, events, and much more. The update features a new gambling facility and 6 related missions for VIP players. Besides, once you are done with the main part, you can access 2 special missions. Now, let’s take a look at how to access GTA Online casino missions. 

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How to start GTA Online casino missions

In order to start the casino missions, you will need to get the VIP access. This is relatively simple – you will get the VIP status after buying the Master Penthouse on the rooftop of Diamond Casino and Resort. After you purchase the penthouse, simply wait for Agatha Baker’s call. This will be the start of the first mission. Besides, the VIP status will also increase the betting limit in the casino.

Overall, there are 6 main casino missions – Loose Cheng, House Keeping, Strong Arm Tactics, Pay to Win, Bad Beat Casino, and Cashing Out. All of these missions are played by a team of 3 people, so you will need to invite a few friends. However, in order to get a new Armored Enus Paragon R car, you will need to be an invitee – playing in someone else’s team wouldn’t work. 

Prizes and payouts

Once you’ve completed all of the missions, you can claim your prizes. Firstly, you will receive $50,000 for the first 5 missions and $100,000 for the last mission. If you are playing as the leader of the team, you will get an additional $100,000. All this money can later be converted to casino chips. Then, you will get a text message from Baker, saying that you can find your new car at the docks. The question mark on the map will help you to locate the car. And, here you go – new Armored Enus Paragon R. Besides, if you manage to complete all of the missions without losing a single life, you will receive $50,000 more.

Secret Missions in GTA Online

If you already completed all of the missions and got your Armored Enus Paragon R, then it’s time to start one of the secret missions. 

The first one includes an element of chance and random number generator. Here, you have two options – either go to the casino bar or simply hit the one in your penthouse. Order a shot of Macbeth Whisky and wait until your character blacks out. You would probably need to repeat this step a few times. Sometimes, players have to repeat the same drinking-passing out trope dozens of times. Just be patient and once you get lucky, you will start the Damage Control mission. 

GTA Online Casino Missions
GTA Concept Art – Image source: Flickr

For the second mission, you will also have to go to a bar. This time, it could be a random bar anywhere in the city. Come in, buy a few drinks, but avoid blacking out (no whiskey this time). Once your character got tipsy, call Agathe Baker and press the Request Work button. This will trigger the start of the second secret mission. Besides, you will stay tipsy throughout the mission, which makes it a bit more challenging. 

Although these secret missions have nothing to do with the original gameplay and prizes, they are still worth playing.  

Real-life casino equivalents

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