7 Most Unforgettable Moments in Commonwealth Games History

The biggest sporting events in the history of Commonwealth Games that will always be remember for their memorable moments.

Looking back through the history of the prestigious Commonwealth Games, there were numerous outstanding performances through the years. Sportsmen always bring their best to the Games as they hope to be remembered for their great efforts for years to come.

Dawn Fraser – first woman to swim 100m under one minute
Precious McKenzie – represented two nations winning four gold medals
Ato Boldon – set sprinting record in 1998 of 9.88s for 100m

Every edition of the competition is cherished by the lucky nations that can have their professional representatives present at the event. Nations that are lucky enough to have professional representatives compete at the tournament, stand a chance to make a memorable appearance that will be remembered indefinitely in history.

1970 Edinburg – Kip Keino

The first time the Games were held in Scotland in 1970, a runner known by the name of Kipchoge “Kip” Keino made a fabulous performance during the 5,000m event. The Kenyan was crowned with a gold medal for his efforts in the 1,500m event, however when came to the 5,000m run he didn’t manage to secure first place but made a stamp.

Kip was beaten by the powerful Scottish duo of Ian Stewart and Ian McCafferty, but his performance in the last will always be remembered, which eventually saw him rewarded with a bronze medal. It is still regarded as one of the biggest events in Commonwealth Games.

1982 Brisbane – Allan Wells and Mike McFarlane

In the summer of 1982, Australia played the host for the Commonwealth Games. Brisbane was as the chosen city to stage the sporting events. The race that took place in the Men’s 200m final is perhaps one of the greatest and memorable moments in sprinting events.

A man hailing from England Mike McFarlane and his main Scottish rival Allan Wells, battled neck and neck for the first spot finish. After they both crossed the finish line in spectacular fashion, the results had to be waited for several minutes, causing extreme anticipation. In the end, the race was declared “dead heat” which saw both runners awarded gold.

1962 Perth – Dawn Fraser

Many sporting experts would agree Dawn Fraser perhaps the greatest swimmer in history. She managed to achieve high status in the sports community for her incredible accomplishments. She was the first woman to swim 100m freestyle in less than one minute.

According to gambling news, overall she secured four gold medals during the Commonwealth Games at Perth, in the 110yds freestyle, 440yds freestyle, 4x110yds freestyle in relays and 4x100yds medley relay.

1978 Edmonton – Precious McKenzie

McKenzie passed great lengths to become a legend in the sport of weightlifting. While competing at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada, he won gold for the category of Bantamweight.

Although representing England in his earlier days, the South-African born athlete switched his allegiances to New Zealand later on. In total he won four gold medals for two countries at the Games. Three for England and one for New Zealand.

1954 Vancouver – Miracle Mile

When the competition was still known as the British Empire Games, the 1954 edition proved to be quite fruitful. Held in Canada for the second time since 1930, the tournament became synonymous with a race that is today known as the “Miracle Mile.” Two runners are responsible for leaving a memorable performance during their race.

Roger Bannister and John Landy both broke the time record for running one mile. Before the Commonwealth games commenced, the two runners managed to run a mile in under 4 minutes, a record for that time.

At the event in both men showed great ambition to win, however the battle was resolved with Bannister winning gold narrowly, as Landy was right behind him.

1998 Kuala Lumpur – All Blacks

The New Zealand National Rugby Union team “All Blacks,” overcame their greatest obstacles to make a memorable display at the event in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. Players such as David Campese and Jonah Lomu brought glory to their national side after defeating Fiji 21-12 in a spectacular final.

After the win, Lomu stated, “I’ve played all over the world and in some of the sport’s biggest games, but the Commonwealth Games will always be among my greatest memories.”

1998 Kuala Lumpur – Ato Boldon

In the 16th edition of the Commonwealth Games, a sprinter by the name of Ato Boldon achieved history that has not been surpassed since. Boldon recorded a time of 9.88 seconds for running 100m, which broke previous Commonwealth records of Frankie Fredericks (9.96s) and Obadele Thompson (10.00s).

The result set by the The Trinidad and Tobago native remains unbeaten to this day. The only man that seems capable of usurping Boldon’s glory is Usain Bolt. However, considering that he will likely only be running the 4x100m relay.

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