7 Reasons For The Odds On Pence Being The Next President

Posted: September 8, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Typically incumbent Presidents have a great chance to get re-elected but with this administration beleaguered by its own cruel, cold-hearted, incompetent foolishness, and Donald Trump just having outed himself as a democrat, the GOP is probably going to be looking around for someone else, and that’s why the odds on Pence being the next President at sites like Bet365 are a massively low 7/1 but there are other reasons. Here’s seven of them.

1. Slow Recovery Efforts

With Irma still bearing down on Florida like an impending visit from unwelcome in-laws and Hurricane Harvey already having laid waste to much of Texas and Louisiana the Trump administration is facing a massive bill in the hundreds of billions of dollars for recovery efforts that will take years, and raising those funds is unlikely to make Donald awfully popular so a challenge from Mike in 2020 isn’t out of the question, hence Bet365 giving such short odds on Pence being the next President.

2. The Revenge of DACA

Anyone in the US gambling news of DACA being rescinded will help solve any of their nation’s ills is deluded and the odds on Pence being the next President are as short as they in part because it’s a divisive cold hearted measure that makes Trump look evil. Oh and nothing ever bad happened when you teach people to perfectly impersonate your citizens, annoy them, send them to countries they don’t know where automatic weapons are cheap and let them plot their revenge. Guess what they’re dreaming of now, Stupid.

3. For The Want Of A Wall

The certain failure to build the much touted wall between Mexico and the United States, a cornerstone of Trump’s speeches during his campaign is an ever present thorn in Trump’s side and is likely to be used to batter his hopes of re-election to death. So the odds on Pence to be the next President reflect the likelihood that Trump won’t run at all, a strong rumour in Washington recently, and leave the way clear for his Vice President to have a clear shot at the White House. Something his family might object to.

Trump Building His Wall
source: Metro.co.uk

4. The Trumps Lower The Odds On Pence Being The Next President

Ivanka Trump is currently getting 80/1 to be the next President of the United States at Bet365, and the obvious desire of this criminal family of fools to set up a dynastic rule means that just about anything is a better alternative. Anyone in the US gambling laws of the land will rid the political scene of these horrific bunch of nasties should pay attention to the laws they’ve already flaunted and one of the reasons the odds on Pence to be the next President are so low is because people will vote for ANYONE but a Trump next time round.

5. North Korea & Nuclear War

Whilst Donald Trump promises fire and fury the less confrontational Pence isn’t as likely to drag the planet into a global nuclear crisis if only because he’s actually religious. Admittedly this does means he’s a bigoted hatemonger that dislikes gay people, women and anyone who isn’t a friend of Jesus, but with the alternative four more years of worrying about a mushroom cloud over Burbank or the sudden disappearance of Samsung, Seoul and South Korea the odds on Pence being the next President are entirely fair.

6. Russia, Collusion & Scandals

The odds on Pence to be the next President also reflect the degree to which Donald Trump, himself getting 5/2 at Bet365 to win, is mired in the Russian collusion scandal. With Facebook finding evidence of a covert Russian campaign to influence the election and Donald Jnr admitting he wanted evidence about Hillary Clinton the chances are this, or any other of the scandals 45 creates day after day on Twitter alone, will sink his hopes of re-election and the Republicans have few choices save Mickey.

Trump and Pence
source: CNBC.com

7. The Democrats?

If there’s a major reason the odds on Pence to be the next President are so short it’s that the Democrats are not currently a very effective opposition party and whilst Elizabeth Warren gets 9/1 at Bet365 and Michelle Obama a healthy 25/1, their lack of cohesion in the face of the overwhelmingly idiotic Trump administration means that if you bet on sports in the US backing them to win in 2020 is akin to hoping the New York Yankees manage to win the next Super Bowl. Politics has changed, the democrats not so much.

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