7 Ways To Spot Star Wars Characters In Your Local Casino

7 Ways To Spot Star Wars Characters In Your Local Casino

With the release of the new Star Wars prequel “Solo” we are reminded of one of the universe’s greatest wagers in which Han Solo won the prized Millennium Falcon off Lando Calrissian but as Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover take to the silver screen to tell us a tale of a galaxy far, far away, we should all be aware life often imitates art and lest you find yourself in the midst of a blaster battle twixt these intergalactic gamblers in your local casino here’s 7 ways to spot them ahead of time.

1. The Millennium Falcon Is Parked Outside

Yes, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people will wander by a starship without noticing it. Dismissing it as a publicity stunt, modern sculpture or adventurous advertising it’s frequent for people to wholly ignore the ship that made the Kessel Run in less that 12 parsecs unless it’s pointed out to them, or takes off. Should you see this imposingly unsymmetrical ship in the parking lot of your local casino do remember that Bovada will allow you to bet on sports in the US without any rebel activity.

2. R2D2 Is Serving Nibbles At Your Local Casino

Well known for moonlighting as a waiter on the Sail Barge of notorious gangster Jabba The Hutt, should you see this diminutive droid wheeling too and fro between the tables of your local casino serving either light savory snacks or drinks of any variety it’s very probably time to leave and retreat to the safety of your sofa. Bovada can provide a range of games that will at no time expose you to the risk of blaster fire, arrest by Storm Troopers or having to pretend you understand those silly beeps it makes.

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3. C3PO Is Arguing With A Slot Machine

Hard to disguise and even harder to shut up this one is a dead giveaway. Alongside it’s tiny white chum this tall golden automaton should be easy to spot and, in essence, these ARE the droids you’re looking for if you want some warning of rebel activity ahead of time. As soon as you see, or hear, this metal malcontent immediately vacate the premises and take advantage of ever liberalizing US gambling laws to place your wagers at home on Bovada where at least you won’t ever be vaporized by laser fire.

4. Overly Tall & Hairy Security Guards

Okay, now you can see where this is going but given the nature of human security guards it may well be hard to tell the difference between a strategically shaved wookie and a brainless ex-military thug in a cheap suit with no sense of humor. The trick is to look for the bowcaster. Whilst not all Wookies carry the laser crossbow weapon made famous by Chewbacca he himself will and where he is trouble tends to follow, and you should be extremely wary and consider a retreat to safer online sites like Bovada.


5. One Of The Hostesses Has A Light Sabre

Obviously just because one of the waitresses is carrying a laser sword doesn’t mean for a second that it’s Princess Leia, the famous fugitive rebel leader, but should she appear to have strapped two danishes to her head then you might accurately assume it’s her and that any moment your local casino is about to descend into chaos. This is particularly true if you see her talking to any droids. Make haste to the exits, return home and use Bovada to bet instead (unless your idea of a good time is being shot by blasters).

6. Far More Capes In Evidence Than Usual

Barring your local casino hosting a comic convention there won’t be that many occasions you’ve seen people wearing capes or cloaks within its walls, however if it has been taken over by Star Wars characters they’ll suddenly be ten a penny, and if you’re in the US gambling news that everyone is suddenly dressing like a super hero will stand out and give you apt time to rush home to the safety of Bovada, think again, you may not notice at all. After all, most of them will be using the cloak room.

7. Table Stakes Begin To Include Starships

Concentrating on your chosen entertainment at your local casino may leave you a little blinkered and spotting the various nefarious characters from the Rebellion, or indeed Empire, could be a tad tricky, however barring things suddenly floating around with no visible support or an actual blaster battle across the roulette table, it might be that you’ll only notice it’s time to rush home to the security of Bovada when someone at your table wagers a starship instead of mere cash. Don’t wait to see who wins.

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