7 Ways To Protect Your Local Casino From Invasion

Guns and casinos

With all eyes on Rio 2016 we should not forget that this is one of the most turbulent years in recent times and as global instability rises there’s every chance that one day we shall all be called upon to defend the people and places we love, but whilst Bet365 is perfectly safe, how are you going to fend off the hoards of hostiles when your local casino is threatened? We run down the 7 essentials you’ll need to get the job done.

1. Air Defense Systems For Home And Office

Missile Launcher

Defending air attacks is easy with the SAM S-400 (photo:

Local Casino Defense Strategy

  • S-400 Air Defense System
  • Metal Storm Area Denial
  • Swiss Precision Handguns

Obviously with air mobile troops the backbone of most military forces these days you’re going to need a really good SAM system to deal with them, but unfortunately unless you’ve a lake big enough for an AEGIS equipped destroyer that means you’ll actually be buying Russian, probably the S-400 system. Yeah I know, but don’t worry, the Russians will sell them to anyone with the cash, and when it comes to defending your local casino you can bet putting a few of these in the parking lot will give you an edge.

2. Gardening With Anti-Tank Missile Systems

Heavy armor can be a big problem and whilst a couple of helicopter gunships can deal with a lot, the AH-64 Apache still queen of that particular realm, there’s nothing like having a few anti-tank missiles around, and anyone who likes to bet on sports in the US will know you always go with the favorite, and the favorite right now is the Predator out of Israel. Simple point and shoot with a punch that’ll knock out anything they send against you, you should keep some handy by the windows of your local casino.

3. Enforcing No Parking Rules With Area Denial Munitions

Australia guns

Australia knows how to keep their casinos safe from harm (photo:

Those landscaped lawns that surround your local casino could be great defensive barriers if it weren’t for that whole landmine ban thing, so what can you do to deny them to the enemy? Well Australia has a solution and it’s called Metal Storm. An automatic autonomous auto-cannon system this networked projectile propelling could well cost the earth but it can certainly defend the ground, and if the price puts you off don’t panic the Chinese do a rather natty knock-off version at a much lower cost.

4. Reaching Out And Touching People With Sniper Rifles

Intra-Casino Combat Weaponry

  • SigSauer P226 Pistol
  • HK M27 IAR Assualt Rifle
  • M32 Grenade Launcher

Obviously heavy machine guns are great at making people keep their distance from your local casino but for the personal touch a sniper rifle works wonders and anyone in the US gambling laws of gun ownership will change any time soon just hasn’t got a clue, so there’s plenty to choose from on the shelves right now. Try out an Israeli DAN.338 and if you don’t like that (and you really should) there’s the CheyTac Intervention M300.408, or for those into incendiary ammunition, there’s the UK’s AS50.

5. Get The Party Started With A Grenade Launcher

USA guns

The M32 Grenade Launcher is a favorite amongst the US military (photo:

Whilst under-barrel systems are hugely popular with armed forces throughout the world there’s nothing like a dedicated grenade launcher to have the last say in the first conversation with the enemy. There’s a few to choose from but the M32 is the go-to weapon here. Reliable, tough and able to spew a couple of rounds a second there’s no end to the fun you can have with one inside your local casino when times get difficult. Be sure to have a range of round types for all those little unexpected eventualities.

6. All The Assault Rifles For Local Casino Combat

When the time comes you’re going to need a decent assault rifle and and if you’re in the US gambling news coverage of the AR-15 will prevent these being around guess again. Despite the big names still having a grip on the market (G36 anyone?) for those buying fewer units there’s the German HK M27 IAR from Hecker & Kock, the Swiss are doing the SIG SG 716 which is delightfully put together and if you want something bang up to date you can get the superb looking MSBS-5.56 Radon from Poland.

Handguns You Don’t Have To Gamble On At Bet365


Sometimes the simple ways are the best (photo:

In the last resort there’s nothing like a good pistol at your side and there are some great models on the market, so try a few out but don’t overlook the Glock 19 and Beretta 92 simply because they’re the obvious choices. The SIG Sauer P226 will get the job done, of course, and if you’re a wheel-gun stalwart the Colt Python will give you a good chance of either defending your local casino or of blowing your brains out to avoid capture, imprisonment, torture and parading on enemy breakfast TV.

Please Note;

Large scale Surface-to-Surface missile systems are not included in this list of local casino defense systems because they are typically only employed in the anti-shipping role and the only people that might need them are in Atlantic City, and frankly Atlantic City should pray Vladimir Putin (one time Marlboro man and huge ABBA fan) invades. He might be able to make their economy function again.

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