7 Ways To Spot Your Favorite Casino Is Full Of EURO 2016 Fans

England Fans

With the twenty-four teams gathering in France for the kick off of the EURO 2016 finals the fans are getting ready to watch the fifty-one matches that will decide the winner, and whilst many of us will be placing wagers on the outcome of the competition that doesn’t mean we want to be surrounded by soccer fans, so here’s our list of seven ways you can tell if your favorite casino has been invaded by these tribal sports fans this summer.

1. The Smell

Your Favorite Casino Invaded?

  • Is there the smell of stale tears?
  • Can you hear tuneless singing?
  • See any dancing policewomen?

Anyone who likes to bet on sport in the UK knows only too well that there is an aroma to soccer fans, typically the smell of dried disappointed tears on treasured shirts liberally mixed in with the obnoxious odor of optimism, the stench of stale lager and a slight whiff of desperation and urine. Should you find yourself sat at the Blackjack table of your favorite casino and this heady mixture wafts your way take a look around, the guy next to you might not be a mindless Donald Trump supporter but a brainless soccer fan instead and Bet365 could suddenly be the better option.

2. The Singing

This is a dead give away, and whilst not technically singing by any reasonable definition of the word, it is awfully distinctive for it’s complete absence of musical content as lacks noticeable tune, accurate pitch, proper tempo and in some notable cases even the vaguest of lyrics. In the lamentable event that you find yourself amongst a group of young men dressed similarly all attempting to replicate the theme tune from “The Great Escape” by repeating the same six bars over and over again the chances are your favorite casino has been invaded by EURO 2016 fans.

3. The Drinking

Whilst casinos are no temperance league meeting there is at least a certain quantity of civilization to the imbibing of alcohol within them, however should your favorite casino become over run by EURO 2016 fans expect that convivial atmosphere to go out of the window and those sophisticated drinks your fellow gamblers have been ordering to be replaced by someone slurring loudly that they’ll take as many Stella Artois as the kitchen contains before vomiting on the carpet. Warning, the patterns on casino carpets can make vomit hard to spot – mind where you step.

4. The Sponsorship

The massive commercialization of the world of football and the inherently vast amounts of money involved means that if your favorite casino is invaded by EURO 2016 fans one of the first signs you may notice could be the huge quantity of sponsorship logo placements that will suddenly dominate just about everything you can see. If you suddenly find yourself wondering why you aren’t driving a Hyundai, eating a Big Mac whilst slurping down Coca Cola and Carlsberg it could be the subtle influence of these advertisements, far more intrusive than at Bet365, at play.

Euro Sponsors

Euro 2016 has many sponsors

5. The Bad Language

We have all sworn from time to time at the roulette table or when a hand didn’t go our way in poker, but if the unwashed masses of EURO 2016 fans amass in your favorite casino there will likely be a huge increase in the quantity and intensity of swearing and foul language. If you’re in the UK gambling laws of decency will prevent this occurring, think again, UK football fans are some of the worst often heard using some popular insulting terminology so often and loudly it as if it ability to utter it was about to be taken away and they wanted to get in their quota before the end.

6. The Security Presence

Your favorite casino probably already has quite effective security measures in place, some of the most all encompassing available, but that will be as to nothing to the operation that will swing into action should the EURO 2016 fans arrive in quantity. Given the threats made against the tournament one can never be too careful so if you suddenly find yourself next to a member of the French Foreign Legion, a gaunt looking chap from Interpol or a furtive agent of the DGSE, take a good look around and check for the exits, things could be time to go home and gamble at Bet365.

7. The Dancing Policewomen

This is more likely to be noticeable outside your favorite casino rather than at the gaming tables, but should you see an overly attractive female member of the police force being danced with, serenaded by or simply followed around by a large number of young men wearing similar shirts there’s a possibility the EURO 2016 fan have arrived. I’m gambling news that the media lap this sort of thing up will come as no surprise, and it is now almost traditional at these events for a bored camera crew and some boisterous fans to find and objectify a professional woman in public in this manner. Ghastly.

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