84-Year Old Man Qualifies for Upcoming PokerStars Tournament

PokerStars tournament

Reports have just surfaced that an 84-year old man from Canada has qualified for the upcoming PokerStars tournament set to be held in the Bahamas.

One of the more entertaining bits of Canadian gambling news came out today, after it was reported that an 84-year old Canadian man had qualified for the upcoming PokerStars tournament in the Bahamas.

The man, Morris Dadoun, has been playing poker for over 40 years, and will join a group of over 250 people from 10 different countries whom also qualified for this exciting poker tournament.

Dadoun commented on his recent qualification, and credits his “risk taking” for allowing him to advance into the tournament. “I have taken chances in business, and it worked. I do the same in anything I do.” He told CBC News.

“I never even thought about the age of the other players,”
said Dadoun, “What I think I can do, I will do it. It doesn’t matter how old I am.”

That’s the right attitude to have. It remains to be seen whether the senior player can win, but his playing in the tournament is an achievement in and of itself. The tournament will begin on January 6th and ends on January 14th.

What kind of games does PokerStars offer?

PokerStars has grown exponentially over the past years to become one of the most popular online poker sites in Canada. They offer a wide range of poker games including Texas Hold’em and Omaha, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments for players.

One of the best aspects of PokerStars is their free poker tutorial, which helps new players learn the ins and outs of the different kinds of poker games. This unique tool is extremely helpful if you plan to enter into a poker tournament for money in the future.

Can Morris Dadoun win the upcoming PokerStars tournament in the Bahamas? Is it possible he will make it to the World Series of Poker? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out PokerStars. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next player to make it into a Bahamian poker tournament!

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