Favorable Online Blackjack Rule Variations

Favorable Online Blackjack rules

Here are all the basics that you should watch out for when looking for the table with the most favorable online blackjack rule variations.

The beauty of blackjack is that depending on the rule variations, number of decks, or side bets, it can change from the simplest to a one of the more complex games you’ll find at any run-of-the-mill casino. This historic casino game has fascinated average players and mathematicians for decades, which is pretty evident from the number of blackjack strategy books published. Because of all the factors altering the advantages in blackjack, a strategic blackjack player should be always aware of the house edge.

There are many misconceptions about the meaning of house edge, and not only among blackjack players. The house edge is a percentage that the casino expects to win from the original wager. This is really important in the case of games like blackjack, as in some variations of the game, you can increase your bet throughout a session. The reason for using the original wager instead of an average is pretty simple: in real life, it’s easier to estimate your losses based on the original bet than that of the average.

A list of favorable online blackjack rule variations

Single deck blackjack without any additional rules has almost no edge. Therefore, that should be your starting point when calculating the house edge and favorable online blackjack rule variations. It’s time to move on to rules and factors that increase the house edge. First, the more decks a table uses, the higher the house edge will be. For example, using two decks will increase the house edge by more than 0,3% and eight decks could mean a 0,6% advantage for the casino. This is increased by 0,22% if the dealer is required to stand on Soft 17. However, if you’re allowed to double after splitting the edge is decreased by 0,13%.

Favorable Online Blackjack Rule Variations – for the House

There are two factors that will give the biggest boost to the house edge: when blackjack pays 6:5 and side bets. However, you have to watch out for the number of smaller rule variations that favor the casino, because they can accumulate to a pretty high edge in total. Download our PDF sheet of favorable blackjack rules and memorize the basics or just keep it in your pocket when visiting a land-based or online casino.

The impact of skills on Blackjack House Edge

Unprepared blackjack players increase the house edge by 1,5% because of the mistakes they make during a session. Therefore, another important aspect when considering favorable online blackjack rule variations is the fact that the odds in blackjack are affected by skill, similarly to poker or sports betting. This means that by applying an effective blackjack strategy you can ‘hack’ or decrease the house edge. Card counting in teams is considered to be the most effective way to win considerable amounts of money on blackjack. Other strategies and money management system are also helpful, however, you’ll need discipline and patience to master these tricks.

An easy yet effective way to decrease the house edge is to memorize and utilize the basic strategy. The basic strategy has great impact on all the above-mentioned factors, so it comes really handy. Also, other strategies are useless when playing at a correct online live casino, so the basic strategy becomes even more important.

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