A Bet on the Ascot Gold Cup Is Rewarding and Fun As Well

  • The Ascot Gold Cup is the most popular day of the Royal Ascot Week
  • An early wager can be rewarding
  • Don't miss the fancy hat-show
Bet on the Ascot Gold Cup
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Let’s take a look at the most prestigious run of the most prestigious horse race event of Great Britan. If you would like to be a part of that fascinating act, don’t hold your horses. Bet on the Ascot Gold Cup until ante-post betting is available.

The race will take place on the 18th of June, on Thursday as part of the Royal Ascot Week. The Ascot Racecourse is probably the fanciest course in Europe. Also, while there are a lot of new races held in the area, tradition is always in the first place.

Probably, this one is the most challenging race with its 2 miles, 3 furlongs and 210 yards out of the Royal Ascot tournaments. Therefore, sprinters are automatically out of the game. In the reflection of pace-keeping is essential, the Ascot Gold Cup is only for real stayers with experienced jockeys and trainers. We can say it’s the opposite of the Commonwealth Cup.

The Ascot Gold Cup is one of the oldest acknowledged horse race in human history. Originally, the run was open for three-year-old old older horses. At this moment, only four-year-old or older horses are qualified. According to the latest online sportsbook news in the UK, The Royal Ascot will be held. Nothing can stop the British aristocracy, not even the end of the world. God will save the Queen anyways.

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Is this a bird, a plane? No, it’s just the Ascot Gold Cup – Image source: Flickr

The Ascot Gold Cup is also known as Ladies’ Day at the Royal Ascot

What gives the happening an extra juice is that it’s also known as the Royal Ascot’s Women’s Day. During the event, you can expect a spectacular fashion show as well. So, if you are a fan of flat horse races or you just interested in traditional British Women’s fashion, you can’t miss this one. You can still buy your ticket on the official site of Ascot. However, if you are not interested in fashion but you would like to bet on the Ascot Gold Cup online, visit 22BET until the Ante-post wagering is available.

If you bet on the Ascot Gold Cup, you should pick Stradivarius or Kew Gardens

As you can see in the table below, out of the five competitors, there are two potential shoo-ins. Stradivarius with 5/2 and Kew Gardens with 7/2. Both of the mentioned horses from an Irish sire. Stradivarius is the oldest in the scene with his six years. Probably, that’s why online sportsbooks in the UK favor his victory the most. However, it seems that the heyday of Stradivarius is over. In the previous years, his odds were supertall, still, he surmounted Dee Ex Bee.

Betting odds at the 22BET Sportsbook
Stradivarius 5/2
Kew Gardens 7/2
Dee Ex Bee 12/1
Cross Counter 14/1
Sir Ron Priestly 33/1

Therefore if you bet on the Ascot Gold Cup, a wager on Kew Gardens with his five years seems to be the most sensible decision based on the statistics.

A bet on Sir Ron Priestly can be the most rewarding wager of the year

While he has a huge 33/1 odds, online gambling news in the UK still pictures that he has a high chance to achieve victory. Even more, the statistics are pointing on that despite he didn’t participate too well at a couple of races, as a stayer he can be the strongest horse in the UK scene. He is the youngest competitor at the Ascot Gold Cup. His typical riding style is that he is keeping the pace during the whole run, and at the very end he starts an unbelievable sprint. Take a glimpse at the video below if you would like to see how Sir Ron Priestly dominated the March Stakes in ’19.

In summary, a bet on the Ascot Gold Cup is not a thing to miss if you want to take part in the British horse racing culture. The stakes are high, the bows and waves are theatrical and the women’s hats… the hats are just out of this world. Sounds like we can expect a movie-like race.

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