Live Dealers In Online Casinos Nowadays


Posted: March 16, 2020

Updated: March 30, 2020

  • Live dealers in online casinos become more and more popular
  • The atmosphere of a real casino and the ability to observe the game process makes gambling more pleasant
  • Besides, you have an opportunity to communicate with a live dealer

A casino with live dealers is a relatively new tendency in the gambling world. It appeared in the 2010s due to the demand of the users. Live dealers in online casinos add a realistic atmosphere to the gameplay. They accept bets, report the results of the game, and communicate with the players. 

Previously, most users called the main drawback of playing online the lack of a specific atmosphere of a real casino. Besides, many clients miss communication with the dealer, and some did not trust the random number generator. Thus, live dealers in online casinos in the USA partially or eliminate these drawbacks.

How does an online casino with live dealers look?

Nowadays, any game with a live dealer looks pretty similar. There is a game screen in front of you. Most of it is occupied by online video broadcasting with a dealer. Around the field, you can see the parameters of the game, the balance of the player, and buttons for performing actions. It should be noted that all such games are of a very high technical quality. Thus, graphics are in perfect harmony with the high-resolution live picture. You can experience the atmosphere of a live casino: you see the dealer, you hear the rustle of cards, the sound of a ball on the roulette wheel, and chips on the cloth. Meanwhile, the fields with background information allow you to navigate the gameplay.

Live dealers in online casinos
Online casinos are the future of gambling.

Who are live dealers in online casinos?

Usually, live dealers are specially trained croupiers who are explicitly focused on online gambling. All of them should speak English. Today, the vast majority of games are played in it. However, some dealers also speak French, German, and even Russian. The dealer you see on your screen is in a specially equipped studio with professional lighting and sound equipment. Moreover, the croupier is shot with several cameras from different angles, which provides an excellent picture.

In most cases, in online casinos in the USA, you can communicate with live dealers and even chat. The croupier sees and hears everything but is not allowed to respond. Moreover, gradually, gambling software developers are adding the ability to correspond with other players. They are already saying that soon it will be possible to hear your neighbors on the virtual table. However, if desired, it will be possible to maintain anonymity, not to see or hear anyone.

Games with live dealers

Playing with a real dealer in a licensed casino is not just pleasant and atmospheric. A massive advantage of a live casino is the “live results” and independence from the RNG, the settings of which often disturb players. Customers see all the actions of the croupier, how one launches the ball, or distributes the cards. Thus, the process is controlled not by the RNG but by a real chance.

1. Roulette

Roulette, with a real croupier, is very similar to one in a regular casino. Therefore it is different from online roulette, primarily by the speed of the game. With a live dealer, the gameplay is slower. However, you get everything that you love in a real casino. You can observe a beautiful ball launch, its knock-on the wheel, the slowdown, and how it stops in the winning sector.

2. Blackjack

In blackjack, a live dealer takes the mission of shuffling the deck (like in a casino). It would seem to give advantages to players who can count cards. But the software developers thought over this moment so that it was not possible to deceive the system. Thus, the played cards are not put into the gateway, which does not allow reading them. You still need to rely on luck during the game.

3. Baccarat

The ability to communicate with partners on the table has always been an essential component of baccarat. Until recently, it was considered a game of aristocrats who gathered in expensive clubs. In regular online casinos, baccarat has become available to everyone. However, it is annoying to play it alone. Online baccarat with live dealers is much more fun in this regard. You can talk with the dealer and chat with other players. The live version gradually makes baccarat more popular in virtual venues.

4. Poker

Online casinos in the USA offer various versions of Poker with a live dealer like Caribbean Stud or Hold ’em Poker. During the game, the dealer tells the rules and communicates with the players. Although the shuffle machine shuffles the deck, the dealer gives out the cards. Thus, it is more pleasant to observe the whole game process.

5. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of the latest innovations in casinos with live dealers. And it’s not just a visual analog! A dealer launches it and tells how to bet, voices winning numbers, and leads a conversation with the player. There is no RNG, only your luck!

Live dealers in online casinos
Live dealers make the experience much more realistic.

Pros and cons of online games with live dealers

By and large, online games with live dealers are in between real and virtual gameplay. Of course, there are apparent advantages of live versions. The atmosphere of a real casino and the ability to observe the game process makes gambling more pleasant. Moreover, the RNG is not used. Besides, you can communicate with a dealer or even other players. However, don’t forget that you may need high-speed Internet if you play online Live Dealer Casino Games.

Summing up, it is impossible not to notice that the audience of live casinos is growing at a tremendous pace. And it happens because while playing with a live dealer, customers enjoy the gambling process even more. If you are already looking for this kind of experience, visit CyberSpins Casino. There you can try your luck in a wide variety of games with the live dealers.

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