A Definitive Guide on How to Bet on the Copa America 2015


Posted: May 5, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

The Copa America is the most important sporting event in South America, and this article will prepare you for betting the games of the competition.

Football has been a religion in South America since the British introduced the game to the continent in the 19th century. Therefore it is not a surprise that the Copa America, the continental football tournament organized usually once in every four years, is the most important sporting event for South Americans. Outside the World Cup and the summer Olympics of course – we have to outline that in a year between the two biggest sporting events staged in Brazil with the World Cup held last summer and the Olympics coming next year.

• Win with the Copa America
• Watch out for surprises
• Mind the draws

The competition is popular amongst football fans living in Europe too, however with host country Chile sitting on the western coast of South America, gamblers in the United States can benefit from the scheduling of the matches. US gambling laws vary from state to state obviously, but those living in a state with legalized sports betting can make some money while watching these fascinating football games.


Before starting to plan which teams to place a wager on, you should have a look at the background of how to bet on football and what to expect from this magical competition. Our writers produced a series of articles about football betting and some other subjects regarding the Copa America. Lean back, grab some snack, and prepare for the tournament with our pieces!

A brief guide to Copa America betting in 2015

In this introduction article we lead you through the steps of preparing for betting. As there are countless online betting opportunities available, placing your wager thoughtfully could be a big advantage in itself. Simply by checking the news regularly you can avoid a bloomer like betting on a team that has just lost his star player. But we bring you a few other tips too to make sure you will be completely prepared for football betting when the competition starts.

A surprise team is a must

Mexico Copa America
An underdog reaching the far stages of a tournament is a regular feature in international football, so always going with the favorite is not necessarily the best solution. Not to mention the mobile betting odds available, as you can win big with a well-placed wager on an underdog, while you will get safer but far less income by continuously betting on the stronger team. Even a good display in a defeat could indicate a later surprise from a lesser side, so beside the top teams keep an eye on these outfits as well.

Mind the draws

Draw is a frequent outcome in the group stages and it usually pays well. So, if you plan to bet on a game involving sides with similar strength, always consider the draw as a possibility. It is even more effective in those cases, when the underdog’s playing style simply kills the favorites’ game. To regularly win with this kind of betting however, you need pick up some tactical knowledge, and our previews and analyses will help you with that.

Check out the biggest stars

The Copa America is the heavenly playground of the best strikers of the world. The members of Barcelona’s blockbuster forward line will fight each other for their own country. Since nearly every team has at least one exceptionally talented goal scorer, bets like “Both teams to score” can earn you a significant profit. Usually the big names score the most important goals, however as sometimes the star player draws the most attention from defenders, there might be a bigger chance for his striking partner to find the back of the net. Don’t forget this during in-game betting! If you see an obviously double-teamed superstar, you could win a major prize by placing a wager on his teammate to score.

Watch out for the details

The best online sportsbooks in the US offer you a lot of different opportunities like making bets on the amount of goals in total, bookings, the number of corners at either side and so on. Live betting offers are even more interesting with for example wagering on which team will get the next throw-in. So, don’t always focus on goals as you can make money on far less dramatic incidents too.

Betting addiction is a real danger

These fascinating sporting events always have their dark sides, especially when it is about betting. Enjoying the flood of thrilling games spiced by placing a wager regularly can be an excellent part time activity for most of the fans. However, there is a lurking danger of getting addicted as one game follows the other and the player might feel that he misses something if he doesn’t place a bet on any of those. If you feel you or someone close to you might have a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out for help, as there are many professionals waiting for your call.

Expert Predictions for the Podium

Most of the football fans would fancy an Argentina v Brazil showdown for the title, though there is a strong possibility of the two meeting up in the semis, so probably only one of the two will make it into the final. In advance Chile against Colombia seems to be the default fixture in the other semifinal, and after considering the odds, this leaves us with a projected Chile vs Argentina title decider, which would be a real football delicacy.

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