A Gambler’s Odyssey: Macau

Macau sky tower

In Macau, you can find the most colossal casino in the world. The region is built for gambling. Need I say more?

Located in China, this place puts internet casinos to shame when it comes to gambling.

• The world’s largest casino
• Fantastic night clubs
• Heavenly food

Even the atmosphere of this Chinese town with Portuguese influence insinuates that you’ll have the best time of your life. According to the Center for Gaming Research, gambling was legal from quite early on in Macau: 1850. From then on, the sky was the limit, and now Macau boasts 33 casinos altogether. The highly urban city comes to life at night and shows its wonderful face to everyone visiting. So, put down your mobile betting for the time being and discover the city!

Where to stay?

Macau Venetian Hotel gondola

What kind of Venetian hotel would it be without channels and gondolas?

I think it’s obvious; if you want to be a real high roller, you’re going to say at the hotel that houses the largest casino in the world: the Venetian. It has also collected some awards along the way; it was chosen the best casino-hotel in 2014 and the best spa resort in 2014. Enough said. If, however, you want to stay at some similarly extraordinary suites, give the Four Seasons a go (I hear their buffet is not of this world,) or check in at the Mandarin Oriental and the Banyan Tree. Both will cater to any of your needs, with pools and golf ranges and basically anything you can think of. With everything in one place, you’ll be reluctant to leave the area of the hotel, but you should, if you want to see this truly beautiful city.

Where to eat?

Macau Tasting Room Restaurant

As the name suggests, it is the place to taste anything you like

Now that you’ve relaxed and played on mobile casinos and in some of the best gambling joints in the world, it is time to revitalize yourself! Trying The Tasting Room ran by chef Guillaume Galliot is a must, the Chef’s menu is simply to die for. You should also take your tummies out for a spin to the Venetian’s Portofino and the Il Vida Rica Restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental. If you’ve grown tired of the hotel-atmosphere, you should definitely check out some of the local eateries like Restaurante Fernando; the vibes of this restaurant will make you want to launch yourself into the night and party till the sun comes up.

Where to gamble?

Macau Louis XIII Hotel and Casino

The new Louis XIII Casino aims to bring luxury beyond anything so far

Well, this question is easy as pie: the Venetian! After all, it is the biggest casino resort in the world. According to the World Casino Directory, there are over 3400 slot machines, 800 table games and 10 poker tables in this fine establishment. Lisboa Palace is also a place for high rollers with its chic elegance and refinement, you’ll feel like a certain English spy gentleman once you enter the place. If you want to experience something completely new, try out the casino opening in July, Louis XIII. The name won’t be the only thing that is royally awesome about this place located in a boutique hotel: high rollers will be escorted to and from the casino in customized Rolls Royce Phantoms. Damn that’s cool!

Fun and games

Macau night club

Macau’s Club Cubic has themed rooms for all kinds of taste

Theatre, night clubs, a Panda Pavilion… anything you want to do, you can find it here. Tour the city and visit the marvellous Lotus Square, or check out the Crazy Paris Show. Fancy some night-time entertainment? There is a company that offer strip club tours that take you to the best shows in the city. Check out China Rouge, MGM Lions Bar and Club Cubic, too: party till the sun comes up or throw your own party for your friends. The music will be magnificent and your mood will soar. One thing is for sure: girls and Moët will be on tap at your demand, anytime. Forget mobile casino gambling for the night and dive in!

So, there you have it: Macau in all its mysterious beauty. It is the place to go if your planning to have the best time of your life. Macau could easily be Las Vegas’ oriental cousin, both oh so fun, but both slightly different in appearances. This vibrant city will be like that one friend at the club who lifts everyone’s spirit by partying as hard as humanly possible. Book your flight, take a suite, and play until you grow weary… then go to sleep, wake up, and do it all again!

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