A Look at the Richest Formula One Drivers

Michael and Corinna Schumacher

As the season winds down let’s look at some of the richest formula one drivers.

Formula One is immensely popular throughout the world. Like with most open-wheel motorsports, F-1 drivers spend most of their lives driving from an early age. Only the most talented individuals are chosen to advance in the sport. With razor sharp reflexes and technical savy, F-1 drivers have to navigate variously shaped tracks with the cars that exceed 220 mph and withstand g-forces of 5 in corners.

• Sebastian Vettel’s 110M soon to double
• Alain Prost only outside 5th place
• Schumacher 3rd richest athlete in the world

Although there are only 20 drivers competing in a single event, more money can be made by those that do. Formula One gives car makers the opportunity to showcase their finest mechanical creations to the world. As a result, top drivers can earn as much money as boxers, basketball players or football players and equally make gambling news. The following drivers are the richest Formula One has to offer.

Rosberg, Vettel, Coulthard and Prost make up the 70 million and under club

Nico Rosberg had a second place finish in the Driver’s championship last year behind his teammate Lewis Hamilton. The 29 year old had much to be thankful for. Since his debut in 2006, Rosberg drove for Williams his first three years and then joined Mercedes for the last five seasons. The German racer’s handsome salary of USD 14.8 million doesn’t hurt either.

After his victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel is the third most successful driver in formula one history with 41 victories. The 27-year old just signed with Ferrari last year fulfilling his lifelong dream. As the youngest driver to do almost everything, Vettel’s three-year USD 110 million will soon double his wealth. The German who’s won four F-1 Driving Championships made USD 45 million.

Although he retired from Formula One in 2008, David Coulthard definitely made his mark in UK gambling news. Driving with Williams, McLaren and Red Bull over his 15 seasons, Coulthard has never won a championship. Between 1995 and 2003, Coulthard had a number of high placed finishes. The winner of 13 grand prixs, Coulthard he made money through sale of the Columbus Hotel in Monaco which he co-owns. Apart from that his fortune is in the neighborhood of USD 70 million.

Winning four F-1 Championships, Alain Prost is currently tied with Vettel. Unlike Vettel, Prost reached second place four times. In addition, Prost only finished outside the top five in overall standings once. The 60-year old began his career driving for McLaren, then moved on to Renault, Ferrari and Williams. Although he is the oldest among the richest formula one drivers, the Frenchmen’s fortune stands at USD 70 million.

The richest formula One drivers from the British to Michael Schumacher

Hamilton Button in street McLaren

Button, driving around Hamilton here, owns a number of supercars

Jenson Button is the first on the richest formula one drivers list with a fortune of USD 100 million. Before he earned his only world championship with Brawn GP, he won only one race in nine years. Living in Monaco, Button owns an impressive collection of cars that includes a Nissan GT-R, a Bugatti Veyron and an Enzo as well as several other Ferraris. Button also works for the brand name shampoo “head and shoulders.”

Lewis Hamilton currently has a contract worth USD 30 million a year, but with bonus incentives he earns closer to USD 40 million. Last year, Britain’s highest earning athlete won his second F-1 Championship and is leading in this year’s F-1 standings. Living in Switzerland, Hamilton owns a private jet, a collection of Mercedes, two AC Cobras and a Ferrari LaFerrari. Hamilton’s USD 110 million fortune is the result of superior driving and endorsements from Santander, Tag Heuer and Reebok.

Eddie Irvine is the least successful driver on this list winning only four races in his career. His USD 180 million fortune is due to smart investments in property. In contrast Kimi Raikkonen was the highest paid driver in world when he signed with Ferrari in 2007. As he winner of one Driver’s F-1 Championship, Raikkonen has driven with four teams. Even after taking a two-year absence, Raikkonen is on fire currently positioned at number four in overall driver’s standings.

Eddie Irvine yacht

Eddie Irvine is wealthy, and knows how to enjoy it

Well known in US gambling news, Fernando Alonso has never finished a F-1 season lower than sixth place. The two-time world champion has been runner up three times is racing for McLaren for the second time in his career. With his incredible success and consistency has earned him a fortune of USD 220 million. With his bonus incentives included in his contract, Alonso could even earn more money.

Michael Schumacher is considered by many the greatest formula one driver ever. The seven-time world champion is not only at the top of the richest formula one driver’s list, he is third richest athlete of all time. Much of the German’s success is due to the length of his career which started in 1991. Schumacher, who donated a lot of money, is worth USD 780 million and is the richer than the combined worth of 45% of the drivers on this list.

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