Aaron Hernández, Former NFL Player Committed Suicide

Aaron Hernandez Suicide

You would think that it is impossible for an NFL player to commit suicide: their life must be perfect, they play in the best American Football league in the world, they have money, they have fame… but that’s not always true.

Online betting news in the US are shocked as Aaron Hernandez, former NFL player was found dead in his prison cell earlier this today. According to the prison reports, they guards found Aaron Hernandez hanging in his cell at 3.05 AM in Massachusetts. They took him to the hospital immediately and unsuccessfully tried to bring him back to life.

NFL player goes to prison and NFL player commits suicide…

The NFL player went to prison because he was accused of murdering two people. He has been on trial because of shooting on the streets, however the Court stated he was innocent in the double murder case of 2012. They accused him after angrily leaving a club, but the Court failed to prove the fact that he was guilty. Yet, he was still sentenced for holding a gun illegally.

It didn’t take too long for the NFL player to murder is friend, Odin Lloyd. For this action, he was sentenced to prison till the end of his life and he has been there since 2013. The 27-year-old former NFL Player in prison was as violent and aggressive as he was on the field. He threatened the prison guards on several occasions to murder his family, and he also had several violent cases while being an NFL player.

From New England Patriots to Prison Cell

The former NFL player went to prison after being one of the best players of New England Patriots. One of the biggest favorites at online sportsbooks in the US immediately broke contract with the player as soon as Aaron Hernandez went to prison. Aaron Hernandez prison stories predicted a long future for him being locked up, but the former NFL player committed suicide so that he won’t have to spend any more time in the prison.

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