Did You Know? Having Loud Sex During Tennis Match Disturbs The Players

Sarasota Open 2017 Tiafoe

Would you have thought? If you are screaming in pleasure while people are trying to concentrate, you might be one of the most annoying and disturbing factors. So, long story short, don’t have sex during tennis match!

Weird things can happen in sports. Unexpected victories can be achieved by the underdogs, upsetting all odds set by online sportsbooks in the US. Fans can start a riot upon being angry at their teams’ performances. They can run onto the field to befriend or attack the players or they can express their dissatisfaction by throwing the weirdest and least expected things at them.

Being loud on a sport field is also not a very unique event either. That’s how you cheer for your team and that’s how you encourage your favourite players. It is quite common on football field, but it is less popular on chess games. It is also not very casual in tennis games because it’s all about concentration. And you know what else is disturbing during a good tennis game?

Having sex during tennis match can be disturbing

Yep, having sex during tennis match can be disturbing. I mean, if you’re a couple madly in love and the TV left turned on, and you were left turned on as well, it’s okay. There is nothing wrong with having sex during tennis match, especially if it’s one of the legendary Rafa vs Roger rivalry games. However, it’s a little bit different if you do it on the court.

This lovely couple luckily did not do it on the court, but their love making definitely was a disturbing factor during the tennis match. The incident, by the way, has happened during the Frances Tiafoe vs Mitchell Krueger tennis match at Sarasota Open 2017. Tiafoe won the game by the way and made it to the Round of 16, as expected by online sportsbooks.

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