After Piegate Novelty Gambling Takes On Hollywood

Posted: February 22, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Novelty gambling has come under fire after the FA Cup “Piegate” Scandal but just managing to tear our eyes away from the lamentable and massive national crisis created by a fat man eating a pasty and a tabloid rag losing next-to-no money and making a fuss as they’d been stood against a wall and shot, we look across the Atlantic to see which movie will open biggest this year, and it’s clear from the bookies odds at sites like Bet365 that it’s still mostly men eating all the pies in Hollywood.

Biggest Opening Weekend

  • The Snowman – 100/1
  • Creed 2 – 66/1
  • The Mummy – 50/1
  • King Arthur – 50/1
  • Kong Skull Island – 25/1
  • Beauty & the Beast – 25/1
  • Transformers – 20/1
  • GotG Vol2 – 20/1
  • Spider Man – 16/1
  • P of the C – 11/1

Defending novelty gambling has become trickier of late. The Sutton “Piegate” Scandal has brought it home to one and all that the Gambling Commission, the FA and most of the Sutton board have the sense of humor of an right-wing Christian evangelical writing a Halloween Fortune II slot review insisting it is a satanic work of Beelzebub. They could have just laughed it off, but UK gambling laws specifically outlaw anyone connected to football making bet or passing on info, and Wayne Shaw did.

However his resignation is a lamentable occurrence and the blame must be laid squarely with The Sun bookies who gave 8/1 on Wayne Shaw eating a pie on camera during their FA Cup clash with Arsenal. 8/1? 8/1? Are you kidding me? Have you SEEN Wayne Shaw? He looks odds on to eat a pie at any given moment, the sort that would stop mid coitus to scoff a pasty, and you offered 8/1 on him eating? Are you insane? The Sun deserved to be taken for a few quid on this one, and should shut up about it.

Moronic Murdoch Minions Make A Mess Of Novelty Gambling On Cup Tie

Of course the big bookies like Bet365 are far more circumspect about their novelty gambling books, their experience and superior customer service preventing them from being drawn into stupid stunts like this one dreamed up by the populist mealymouthed scumbags that work for Rupert Murdoch even if there is a market for people who like to place the odd novelty bet on sports in the UK. Some things just aren’t worth it, even if The Sun’s betting site will have got its money back off the publicity gained.

Bet on Hollywood movies

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales is expected to be one of the biggest movies of 2017 (photo:

Of course publicity plays quite a role in the novelty gambling opportunity I was going to write about today until a fat man ate a pie and the UK gambling industry decided to lose its mind over what are likely to be (on the books of The Sun) rather paltry loses. The biggest box office hits of the year in cinema across the Atlantic. The opening weekends of the year’s most awaited blockbusters a hot topic for gambling, but the odds offered by bookies like Bet365 online do leave a question to ask.

Bet365 Will Not Allow Wagers On Pie Eating Fat People

A recent study showed that in 2016 women were 29% of movie leads, up 7% from 2015, with women as major characters rising 3% to 37% the same year, but if you look at the odds on the big box office success in the US for 2017, there’s a distinct dearth of female heavy movies. The Snowman is 100/1 to have the biggest opening weekend, with Creed 2 on 66/1, and The Mummy is 50/1 alongside King Arthur Legend of the Sword. Hardly titles leaving people in UK gambling news and reviews of them will feature women as anything beyond supporting cast, are they? Sexist novelty gambling? No thanks.

Opening Weekend Receipts

  • Battle of biggest box office open
  • Women feature more in 2016
  • 29% of movie leads female
  • 38% feature significant females

Sites like Bet365 give Kong Skull Island 25/1 and it is likely to have a woman in it, albeit wholly helpless, just like Beauty & the Beast at the same odds will portray a woman as needing to settle for an ugly man with a temper. Transformers The Last Knight (20/1) will have Gemma Chan in it but it’s hardly Shakespeare and whilst Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 shares the odds it too isn’t led by a lady, leaving Spider-Man Homecoming at 16/1 to feature an man in his pajamas and Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales to hope that Keira Knightly can be replaced by Kaya Scodelario at 11/1.

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