Try Something New Every Day: Bet On Mahjong!


Posted: February 22, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Extra fun is definitely provided for everyone who decides to give it a try. Do you know what it’s like to bet on mahjong matches? No reason not to try it!

Especially if you visit Asia! Gambling laws in China regard most forms of gambling as illegal, and on the Mainland, one can only play lottery or sports lottery. That’s not the best variety so Chinese legal gambling is not living its best era nowadays. Illegal gambling in China, well, that’s a different topic! One of the most popular forms of gambling is to bet on mahjong, and not without a reason.

Is it legal to gamble on mah-jong in China?

One can find many houses where it is possible to bet on mah-jong. However, gamblers must notice that playing at these houses is never a legal activity. Mahjong parlors are illegal in Mainland China and can only be done in casinos in Macau or Hong Kong. It can’t be legally functioned anywhere else, you better know that. However, there’s always a way…

Nobody can stop you from online mah-jong betting…

If you insist on mah-jong betting, but would prefer not to violate the laws, you still have a pretty good option to bet on mah-jong games. While Chinese casinos are basically non-existent (in the mainland!), you can easily find mah-jong betting games at any of the best online casinos in China, because online gaming in China is quite a huge thing. Use them wisely to win big money prizes for online mahjong betting!

You can sign up for a new account for example at one of the most popular Chinese internet casinos, Bodog88 Casino. Here you can bet on mah-jong, as well as play the usual casino table games like poker, blackjack or baccarat. Of course you can do much more at the site. If you would like to reveal all their great features, don’t hesitate to guide yourself through our Bodog88 Casino review as well!

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