NFL Player Becoming A Doctor: Meet Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle NFL Doctor

The NFL player becoming a doctor…because having only one outstanding profession is just too mainstream for Myron Rolle’s hipster soul…

It does not happen every day that somebody who used to be a favourite at online sportsbooks in the US becomes a favourite at US hospitals. However, that is exactly what happened to Mr Myron Rolle, who used to be a football player in the National Football League, but chose to become a doctor at the end of his career. Nice ambitions and motivations, even more outstanding professions. But who is this man? Let’s learn more about him!

His multidimensional talents in football were visible quite early…

He just left high school and he was already regarded as one of the brightest talents in American football. In 2006, he was First Team Freshman All-American, and only two years later he was given both the Third Teal All-America and the Second Team All-ACC awards. He was on his way to become the next NFL star, scouts kept an eye on him, and his destiny didn’t let him down.

Hw quickly made it to the top and signed for a team that plays in the most prestigious American football league, the NFL. Rolle was selected in the 6th round of the draft in 2010. His new team was Tennessee Titans. He signed a 4-year contract but left the Titans for Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012. However, he didn’t spend much time there either…

Rolle retired at the age of 25…

After spending hardly more than a full year at the Steelers, Myron Rolle decided that it’s time for him to retire. His dreams are done, he already made it to the NFL and now it’s time to do something new: to fulfil his other dream, which means becoming a doctor. Nevertheless, the new career path wasn’t so new for him.

As mentioned before, he was basically the biggest football talent in the USA back on 2008. All scouts wanted to capture him and all online sportsbooks expected him to join one of the best teams. However, he refused all offers because he wanted to go to Oxford University to study medicine in 2009. He came back and were still offered a position in the NFL.

The NFL player is becoming a doctor this year!

At the age of 25, in 2013, Rolle announced that he is going to retire from football for purchasing his goals of becoming a neurosurgeon. He applied and was accepted to Florida State University College of Medicine that year, and at the age of 30, he is about to graduate and is about to become one of the few NFL players becoming a doctor!

New career path, old career ideas!

The switch of profession is rare for sure, but we can’t say it was completely unexpected. Rolle always gave us some hints about his actual dreams: he did refuse NFL offers in 2008 to be able to study medicine at Oxford University with the most prestigious Academic Award, Rhodes Scholar.

In 2010, he did join the NFL eventually, but it was pretty obvious that he is not an average football player: he was very busy learning about health programmes, he was actively fighting obesity in the USA, and according to the reports by online gambling news in the USA, those ambitions are still there: Rolle runs several foundations to help society.

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