Bet On Movies: Michael Fassbender As Bond?

Michael Fassbender James Bond

Check out the best odds on who will be the next James Bond and place your bets on the new James Bond actor! Do you see Fassbender as Bond, or would you prefer someone else? Check out the odds on next James Bond and bet with us!

Online gambling news in the US see Michael Fassbender as Bond. However, online gambling news are no movie experts, so we still have a chance to pose as the new James Bond actor in the near future. We must notice that the new James Bond movie is not even released yet, but still online betting sites in the US are on fire in hopes of being able to predict who will be the next James Bond actor.

Tom Hardy is just one of the likely candidates…

Choosing the best actor to act as James Bond is not an easy thing to do, because, luckily for us, we have tons of terrific actors. Michael Fassbender is one of them, but there are many others, including Tom Hardy for example, who is one of the most popular actors ever since he played that terrific performance in Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

The odds always give us a few tips on what to expect. Daniel Craig was a fair James Bond but he said goodbye to his character already and now it’s time for him to be replaced. The most likely candidate is Fassbender as Bond. His odds at online sportsbooks in the US are only 3.25 (9/4) at Coral Sportsbook. His biggest rival could be Tom Hardy, whose odds are 3.75 (11/4) at the same betting site.

Who else could play Bond, James Bond?

Other likely candidates are on the list of potential new James Bond actors. For example, one of the fans’ favourite is definitely Hangover star Bradley Cooper, whose odds to play Bond are 26.00 (25/1) at Ladbrokes. Ryan Gosling is also a liked actor by many movie addicts and his odds to be the new James Bond are 17.00 (16/1).

However, we can find other actors to bet on the New James Bond actor. If we don’t want to accept Fassbender as Bond, we can put our faith into Tom Hiddleston, whose odds are 8.0 (7/1) at Betway, or we can opt for James Norton, who has 5.00 (4/1) odds to be the new James Bond actor according to Marathonbet.

Will feminism hit the James Bond franchise?

It wouldn’t be too innovative but it can happen! We’ve seen it with Ghostbusters, for which a remake has been made, with all-female actresses and characters, replacing all the men in the movie. Can that happen to the James Bond franchise? Can they actually pick a girl to play the next James Bond, is it possible for it to happen?

Well, first of all anything is possible. Second of all, you can even place a bet on James Bond to be played by a female! If you believe that the next victim of radical feminism will be the prestigious detective franchise, then join Ladbrokes Sportsbook and place a bet on the “Any Female” market. Your odds for that are 17.00 (16/1) at one of the most popular online sportsbooks.

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