Power Up: New Poker Features at PokerStars

New poker features

PokerStars unveiled the general details to their new poker features that are still being tested by a limited number of professional players.

PokerStars Power Up will introduce new poker features to its popular platform. Power Up, which is currently in closed Alpha phase, is set to bring a few extra cards to the table. The Engineer power card will allow the player to select the next card, with three options available. Using the X-Ray Power Card will make the other players to show a hole card. “We integrated a new engine within our software, created animations and powers, and put a lot of time and thought into how poker players will have fun with the game,” wrote Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Room Operation, in a blog post. According to Rasset, the selected few poker professionals, who had the opportunity to try the new poker features, had lots of fun with the power cards. PokerStars promised to “periodically expand the pool of players, while tweaking and adding features.”

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