Al Hilal’s New Football Coach Causes Scandal with Gambling Playmate Wife

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New Saudi football coach for the team Al Hilal has found himself in an awkward position after signing his contract, thanks to his wife’s nude playboy photos and gambling habits.

Romanian Laurențiu Reghecampf, who was formerly the coach at Steaua Bucuresti, recently signed a $2.5 million 2-year contract to join the Saudi team, but it looks like he might face some problems thanks to his wife.

Tattooed Ana Maria Prodan is not the perfect Saudi woman, since she was not only the first female FIFA-licensed agent, but has also posed nude for playboy and has a reputation for being a Las Vegas gambler.

Since every single form of gambling is illegal under Saudi Arabian gambling laws, you can imagine the new coach has been put in an awkward position, and in a country where women are expected to cover up, it’s unclear whether Prodan will follow her husband.

New Saudi coach under fire for gambling, Playboy posing wife

Reghecampf signed the contract this week with the 13-time Saudi Arabian champions, after having led the 2013-2014 Romanian league and the Romanian Super Cup titles.

But could Reghecampf’s position be at risk after his wife has indulged a bit too much in US poker rooms?

So far, it looks like everything will go according to plan, but whether or not Ana Maria Prodan will come to Saudi Arabia with her husband remains to be seen.

It could very well be that the next 2 years, the married couple will have to spend time apart.

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