Can Greece Prove the Bookies Wrong: World Cup Betting Group C

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Group C turned out to be one of the easiest ones at the upcoming World Cup, but that doesn’t mean that betting on it won’t be interesting.

Colombia is the number one favorite of the Group C, but the South American nation is right outside the top 10 favorites’ list to win the competition with 34.00 odds under Colombian gambling laws. While playing against Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan may not be a hard challenge, going past the last 16 may turn out to be a difficult affair.

World Cup betting Group C

With 1.80 odds at online sportsbooks in Colombia to win the Group, Los Cafeteros are the clear favorites. Ivory Coast and Japan are expected to battle it out for second, so no surprise that they got equal odds of 4.75 to win the group. Greece got a line of 8.50 to surprise everyone and come out on top of the group.

Betting on Group C at World Cup
• All teams in the group have rather equal chances with Colombia leading

• Many online sportsbooks in Colombia are already accepting bets

• Ivory Coast and Japan are most likely to contest the second place in the group

While Colombia’s chances seem the best, each and every team in Group C says they stand a chance of qualifying. That’s why it’s one of the tightest groups of the competition, which is excellent for those who bet on sport in Colombia.

The prices for qualification to last 16 from any position are quite nice for Group C. Greece are outsiders with a hefty line of 3.00 at Bovada, while Colombia leads the way with 1.25 thanks to their advantage of competing in a neighboring country. Ivory Coast and Japan are pretty close with 1.90 and 2.00 respective odds.

The Elephants have made it to their third consecutive World Cup competition, which is quite an achievement in itself. Surely they will be looking to make it to the knockouts for the first time, or maybe even going further. Japan are also not strangers to playing at World Cup, having even co-hosted one in 2002, and last time around they’ve even made it out of the group.

With all four sides rather equal in skills and talent it will be difficult to predict the outcomes of individual matches. And even though Greece are considered to be the weakest link here, they are renowned for being resilient, the fact that helped them win the Euro 2004.

The odds for who’s finishing bottom of Group C are also pretty attractive. Both Japan and Ivory Coast got equal odds of 3.25 for being the last team in the group. Chances that Colombia will end up going home after three matches are pretty slim with 10.00 odds, but a smarter bet is that Greece will collect the least points with 2.62 odds, which is not a bad payout.

Dual forecast group odds are nice for Group C, some of them even contain a nice way for punters to win lots of money. Colombia and Ivory Coast qualifying brings the smallest payout of 3.00, while Colombia and Japan is a less likely event paying a bit higher at 3.25. Greece joining Colombia in the last 16 pays at 4.50, which is quite a hefty wager to make.

Naturally, Colombia also has a chance of not qualifying. In this case, if any of the other three teams make it out of the group together the payout equals to 13.00.

The most rewarding World Cup group betting odds lie in the Group Forecast markets. The 4.50 line for Colombia 1st and Ivory Coast 2nd may not by the highest, but it’s already rewarding enough. Colombia winning and Japan taking second pays at 5.00, and the event where Colombia are top of the group and Greece are second offers 6.50 payout.

The event of Ivory Coast winning the group and Colombia going second pays at 9.00, same for Japan winning and Colombia finishing second. Greece taking the top spot with Colombia squeezing through pays at 15.00.

Any configuration without Colombia going through pays at 21.00 odds, but the events when Greece tops the group and either Ivory Coast or Japan are second pays at whopping 34.00 odds.

A peculiar set of odds comes for where the winner of the World Cup will come from. If it happens so that the title will go to any of the four teams in Group C, the bookies will pay at 5.50. Group C is the last one on the list of the most probable top scoring groups. The odds are 12.00 for this event, which is a high payout, but probably not a smart bet.

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