Can the Netherlands Take Revenge for Last Final: World Cup Betting Group B

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The World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner, and while the footballers prepare to tie their boots, punters are getting ready to bet.

Betting on individual teams and even players is something really popular with the majority of punters wagering under American gambling laws. Another interesting way of betting on the World Cup is wagering on individual groups.

There are lots of outcomes possible inside each and every group, some are more or less safe bets and some are really adrenaline-filled, yet highly rewarding. Let’s take a look at what’s going on betting-wise in Group B

World Cup betting Group B

Group B is one of the toughest groups of the upcoming World Cup, it might not be as bad as the Group of Death – D, but it’s definitely one of the difficult ones to bet on at online sportsbooks in United States. The group consists of the reigning champions Spain, and the team they beat in the 2010 final Netherlands. Next to them are Australia and Chile, not an easy competition by any account.

Betting on Group B at World Cup

• Spain are the favorites to win the group, but might run into trouble
• Many online sportsbooks in United States are already accepting bets
• Quite rewarding odds are offered on the first match in the group

Interestingly enough, the Spaniards are not the favorites to win the competition and retain the crown. With 7.50 odds for those who bet on sports in the USA, Spain are fourth in line, way behind the primary contenders Brazil and Argentina.

The Netherlands are way outside the top 10 of contenders for the trophy with their 34.00 odds. Australia is a respected team by many experts and football fans, but everyone agrees they are the outsiders of the tournament and the line of 501.00 on them to win the World Cup confirms this fact. As for Chile, they deservingly hold their place in the to 20 of contenders with 41.00 odds, and could be very well in the running for the second place in Group B.

Quite understandably the Australians are the outsiders to win Group B with 34.00 odds from Bet365. The favorites to go through are La Roja with 1.72 odds, while the Dutch received a line of 3.50 and Chile had to settle for 5.00 odds. Qualifying shouldn’t be a problem for Spain and Netherlands with 1.16 and 1.61 odds respectively, while Chile got a bit longer odds of 1.83, and Australia are still last with 10.00 odds.

Betting on Australia to end up at the bottom of the group may not be very rewarding at 1.28, but the odds for Chile are quite good in this respect – 5.50. While of course the unlikely events that the Dutch of the Spanish will end up there pay at hefty 9.00 and whopping 51.00 respectively.

While match betting is a whole different story it’s worth noting a very attractive betting proposition that the first match in Group B will end up in a goalless draw. Incidentally this match is Spain v Netherlands. The 9.00 for the 0-0 tie in this match seems like an excellent investment considering the last game they played had to go to overtime in order to be decided. Adding to this is the fact that both teams are nothing extra when it comes to forwards, even though both squads are extremely talented as a whole.

Of course it seems more plausible that the Spanish will make it safely out of the group. So the bigger question is who’s taking the second qualifying spot. The battle will of course wage between the Netherlands and Chile. With the Dutch having a slight advantage in this respect, but Chile being a strong team can always put in an excellent display of their skills.

Spain and Holland going through is the most likely outcome, paying at 1.95, while Spain and Chile is next with 2.87. Of course there’s life without Spain as well: Holland and Chile going through pays at 6.00, and Spain and Australia – at 21.00. Holland and Australia making it to the last 16 will deliver a 51.00 payout, and Australia joined by Chile – pays at 81.00.

As for direct group forecast odds, Spain 1st and Holland 2nd is the most popular one at 3.00 odds, with Spain winning and Chile 2nd paying at 4.33. Holland leading the group with the Spanish settling for second will pay at 5.50, and Chile winning leaving the Spanish second – at 8.50 odds.

The event where Holland wins the group and Chile goes through second will reward punters at 12.00 odds. The teams changing positions pays a bit higher – 13.00. If we include Australia in the equation we get the following betting lines: Spain 1st and Australia 2nd – 26.00, Holland 1st and Australia 2nd – 81.00, same for Australia winning and Spain coming second.

Things get really serious if Chile wins the group and the guys from Down Under go second, this event pays at 101.00, and Australian win while Holland are second pays even more at 151.00, while the most rewarding wager for Group B is when Australia wins the group and Chile are second – 201.00.

Some bookies also offer odds on a little competition between the groups. Lines for which group will become the highest scoring one have always been popular and this time is not an exception. Group B is one of the favorites in this respect with 6.00 odds, on par with Group F, and slightly less favorite than Group A with the host in it.

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