All Pros And Cons of VPN Gambling

  • To use or not to use VPN tools for online gambling?
  • Check all pros and cons before making a decision
pros and cons of VPN gambling

Are you considering options for hitting the jackpot at foreign sites or planning to play online casino games using a virtual private network? If yes, check all the pros and cons of VPN gambling before trying it. Our guide will help you to decide whether you should try to gamble from abroad.

Using virtual private networks is very popular among users. People download VPN apps for various reasons: accessing unavailable sites, keeping privacy, or blocking ads. Gamblers also use VPNs to play at online casinos in China or other gambling sites, but does it help them to win? Let’s see all advantages and disadvantages of VPN gambling, 

Pros and cons of VPN gambling in 2020

Nowadays, gamblers and punters can access most gambling sites across the world without limitations. However, there are still restrictions that touch upon specific casinos and sportsbooks. In this article, we will explain whether accessing them via a VPN is 100% safe and makes any sense. So, is the game worth candles?

Advantages of VPN gambling

Obviously, there are more pros than cons of VPN gambling. Virtual private network apps are very popular among gamblers and it is justified for a number of reasons. Take a look at them.

  • VPN apps give access to restricted foreign casinos and sportsbooks. For example, you can play at online gambling sites in China while sitting on your sofa in the US. It hides your location; therefore, allows you to play games you may not find at local online casinos;
  • Also, VPNs secure your privacy. As today’s casino policies include ID verification, many gamblers are not happy about sharing personal data on the Internet. Virtual private networks are here to help. They hide your IP address and prevent hackers from accessing your account and stealing the data;
  • Pros of using a VPN for gambling purposes also include hiding from the government while accessing restricted sites. As countries like China allow people using a very limited number of sites, you can widen virtual horizons with the help of a VPN;
  • Finally, VPN helps you to cope with ads at casinos and sportsbooks sites. Some apps include the adblocking option which can be very useful if pop-ups and other ads distract you from the game.

If advantages win in the battle of the pros and cons of VPN gambling, don’t hesitate to check the best VPN apps for gambling purposes.

pros and cons of VPN gambling
Stay protected!

Disadvantages of VPN gambling

Although using a VPN seems to be useful, it is still not flawless. If you don’t use it properly, it will not be helpful at all. Here are all cons of VPN gambling and sports betting.

  • Not all VPN apps are good. You have to be careful while choosing their services as only reliable VPNs can guarantee you a good result. Usually, they cost money and can be purchased at official sites only;
  • VPNs are not free. Yes, there are some apps that offer free or cheap tools, but they can’t be 100% trusted when it comes to privacy and security. Free VPNs can still have holes hackers can use to steal your data;
  • If you are caught, your account can be blocked and your winnings are taken. Unfortunately, using a VPN is still not quite legal in gambling. Its usage won’t lead to serious consequences, but losing money is still far from being pleasant. 

Luckily, there are gambling sites that don’t require VPN usage at all. For example, Bet365 Casino & Sportsbook is a well-packed gambling site that can be reached from anywhere. From China to Canada, you can play the best casino games and bet on favorite sports at Bet365.

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