American Cyclist Hada Appeals to Spectators to Put Cyclists Safety First

Beach cruiser giro d'italia crash bruised

Giro d’Italia’s Stage 2 gets marred by beach cruiser riding alongside the cyclists at finale race speeds causing major crash.

Chad Haga, American professional road racing cyclist, recently gave a harrowing report of a crash in the Stage 2 of the Giro Italia. Haga who is part of the Giant-Alpecin team was born in McKinney, Texas and attended Texas A&M University where he was awarded his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 5 years ago.

Haga spoke of how the second stage which was on Sunday, was supposed to be a rather straightforward sprint stage in quite warm weather. It seemed that things were working out well at least up to the laps left in Genova where people could wager at Bet365 Italia on cycling. But then that’s when things got interesting.

1 major crash in 1st stage of Giro D’Italia

The peloton was a bit nervous already. So far, they had experienced a few trivial crashes in the stage, which happens in normal racing. However everyone was a bit tense as there had been a big crash just before reaching the finishing laps. This was perhaps because it was the first road stage.

The field sprints in themselves are not so easy either which may have explained why Tinkoff-Saxo went immediately to the front before the 20 km finish. It seemed this was probably the most secure place to be in order to give rhythm to the peloton to keep up with, or even overtake Tinkoff-Saxo.

Danger around the bend

The Giant-Alpecin team ended the first of two laps and was heading for a major bend. They kept in mind that they somehow had to get to the front in order to anticipate the final lap. The spread from 2km to 1km was even, straight, and broad, so the entire peloton was scrambling to get into position to head into that turn.

So far, so good. The peloton was sprawled across the whole width in unison. Haga said he was pedaling to keep up with his team on the far left side of the crew. Then, as the team went steadily around the right-hand bend at 60kph, the road became straight again.

Beach cruiser foils win

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Congrats, asshole, you’ve had your moment. Now I hope those handcuffs hurt on your bruises!

Posted by Francesco Cordua on Sunday, May 10, 2015

According to Italian gambling news a beach cruiser pulled up alongside the throng of cyclists apparently thinking how cool it would be to ride next to them, in the finale. As he left the cyclists in cloud of dust and oil, the bikes, unbalanced by this impromptu arrival, bodies littered the road.

Haga said he hit the brakes as his bike dilly-dallied near the curb, to avoid being part of the bloody pile up. Using what was left of the adrenalin pumping through his vein, he worked on closing in on the 200m distance that had given way.

Tour de France starts July 4

However it was not enough to help his fellow rider, Luka in the finish. Because of the recklessness of one mad spectator, the crash saw the hopes of wagers who bet on Giant-Alpecin team under Italian gambling laws, and that of the bikers dashed. The dream being on the podium for stage 2 ended.

Although it may be fun, as well as normal, to cheer the cyclists on during any tour including the Tour de France, which begins 4 July, sometimes the spectators don’t understand that not only are they gambling with their own life but that of the cyclists should they not keep out of harm’s way.

Spectators should be kept at bay

Haga also added that he loved dogs but “l but to see one along the roadside with a shat lack leash is terrifying”. He also criticized over-enthusiastic spectators who often dashed out in the road in the middle of the peloton just to grab a bottle thrown or fallen from a bike.

Indeed, racing is in itself is dangerous. Racing on a bike is even more so. The bikers have no form of protection that can save them from broken bones. He’s calling out forspectators’ to take heed and to put the safety of the cyclists “above your desire for a better vantage point”.

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