American Online Gambling Prospects Studied by Academics

A fresh study into online gambling in United States reveals benefits for the land-based industry.

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Contrary to the popular opinion that online casinos in United States will take the bread and butter from the land-based counterparts, the new academic study stipulated that should online gaming be legalized it will enhance land-based options.

Dr. Ingo Fielder of the University of Hamburg told United States gambling news: “Our results show that off-line gambling operators should not be concerned about online poker but instead welcome it. I am certain that this will be new information to the US Government.”

Universities of Hamburg and Nevada have completed the study centered around the possible change in the American gambling laws. The research was based on the comprehensive “Online Poke Database”, which is considered to be the largest on the planet.

During the study academics followed the activity of online players and have confirmed that despite revenues from online gambling activities are relatively small, they do help enhance the land-based gambling destinations’ revenues instead of diminishing them.

The study underlines that online and land-based markets complement each other and both products are “gross complements” rather than “gross substitutes”.

Academics claim that “depending on the model, we found that in a market with an additional $1 million in casino revenue, we would predict an additional $2.7 thousand in online poker revenue.”

Some rather intriguing notes in the survey include the fact that back in 2009 over 1.4 million US players (around 0.46 percent of the whole population) participated in online poker gambling. They spent around $1 billion in rake.

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