Spanish Protesters Resist the Advances of New Eurovegas Casino Complex

Barcelona or Madrid will battle it out for the right to the new Eurovegas Casino complex

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Two of Spain’s biggest cities are set to go head to head over Las Vegas Sand’s latest casino venture, the Eurogrand Casino Complex.

In a country currently crippled by debt, the $21 billion project could spark some 200,000 jobs, though it is being reported in Spain gambling news, that up to seven hundred protesters feel very differently about the proposal.

Whilst other EU countries are currently finding ways to expand or restrict their own gambling regulations in this time of global economic depression, Spanish gambling laws are somewhat relaxed, though this hasn’t stopped protesters fearing the the worst as the Las Vegas Sands’ project nears a decision on location.

Reported as being the future capital of European gambling, the new resort would bolster the struggling countries finances remarkably, and in a country where current unemployment has reached an epic twenty percent, the two hundred thousand jobs it would create at the resort have appeared to be too good for the Spanish gambling authorities to turn down.

The protest against construction of Sheldon Adelson’s latest project – which would see the resort comped with six casinos and twelve hotels – has hit a minor stumbling block, with anti-casino lobbyists expressing their concern over prostitution and addiction fears.

Something the supporters of the cause, do not feel would be an issue. Whilst Madrid and Barcelona both jump through hoops for the project, in their own respective cities, they may soon be about to find the negotiations tougher than anticipated, giving rise to protesters theories that perhaps it would costs the cities too much to be worth it.

Mr. Adelson has stated that in exchange for the resort and the bolstering the economy, he would also like the countries immigration laws relaxed, a reduction in workers social security, a new tax rate discussed, and of course, a cessation of Spain’s notoriously stern smoking bans in public places, primarily in designated parts of the complex.

The project is set to take four to five years for completion at at present, both Barcelona and Madrid are set to battle it out to the bitter end for the resort, with Madrid the early favorite. Mr. Adelson’s concessions however could open up another tin of worms, with the exclusive rights of such a resort to permit smoking and the like causing anger, as all other Spanish poker rooms would not be permitted to do so.

If the fourteenth richest man in the world is destined to get his way, he won’t do so by bartering with the Spanish government, who have already expressed their desire for the two competing cities to negotiate their own deals with the tycoon.

It is a situation that could spark fresh controversy with recent rumors spreading that Mr. Adelson will wish to bring in his own staff to man the resort, leading to further unemployment as few of the existing Spanish population would be welcomed into the resort.

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