Americans Want Legal Sports Betting in US

Poll Americans Want Legal Sports Betting in US online betting in the US gambling laws

According to a recent poll, two thirds of the Americans support the idea of legal sports betting in US.

Seaton Hall University carried out a survey during the March Madness, covering people’s opinion about the idea of legal sports betting in US. The poll that was based on a nationwide sample, found that 63% of the population wanted legal sports betting in US. Less than a third of the Americans think bets on sports in the US should remain illegal, with a reported 4% margin of error.

The idea of legal sports betting in US is far from reality at the moment

It is pretty clear: majority of the Americans want legal sports betting in US. 68% of the population also said that sports betting should be regulated on state level instead of the idea of sports betting being regulated on federal level. The latter was supported by 21% of the population, US gambling news report.

At the moment, according to US gambling laws, full sports betting is only legal in Nevada, with partially legalized markets in Delaware, Montana and Oregon. New Jersey is in a legal battle with the major sports leagues about the possibility of offering fully legalized sports betting within state borders. Though it will be a tough one to win for the Garden State, a future victory could open the gates for a way more liberalized sports betting market in the US.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver openly supports the idea of legal sports betting in US. Though the National Football League officially opposes the idea, however they are considering moving a franchise to Las Vegas, Nevada. That would be a shock move for sure.

With more and more states legalizing daily fantasy sports contest though, and with poll results like the aforementioned one, not to mention the estimated volume of illegal sports betting in the US, many things forecast a possible legal sports betting market in America. However, it is hard to see the day yet when all this will actually happen.

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