Amir Khan vs Neeraj Goyat Betting Odds

  • Amir Khan is set to seek vengeance for Pakistan against Goyat
  • The fight will take place on July 12th in Saudi Arabia
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We've got an exciting match ahead...

Khan vs Goyat is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on July 12th. Tensions have been soaring between the two boxers, with Khan vowing to avenge Pakistan in his fight with Goyat. Let us get ready to bet on Amir Khan vs Neeraj Goyat! 

Amir Khan, a two-time World Champion and Olympic silver medalist will take on the Indian pro at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah. The fight has ultimately been dubbed as India vs. Pakistan. Given the history of the two countries, this fight is one for the books. 

Amir Khan is the favorite to bet on

Khan “The Shining Jewel” always uses the element of surprise which shocks his opponent to the core. He is certainly a very fast puncher with good power. But, his problem has always been his defense after an offense. He throws in too much but leaves his chin open afterward and that can lead him to get caught. 

Amir Khan is certainly the favorite in this fight. His odds are 1/25 according to Unibet sportsbook. He was 22 at the time of winning the WBA title, making him one of the youngest British champions ever. 

Amir Khan vs Neeraj Goyat Betting Odds
Amir Khan with famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao (Image source: Just Entertainment – Flickr)

However, Amir Khan’s last fight was against Terence Crawford. The fight ended prematurely after Khan suffered a very low blow. The British boxer was given 5 minutes to recover however he announced he can no longer continue the fight. Khan claims he did not quit the fight while Crawford has other opinions. The fight was disappointing for everyone to say the least with many speculating that Khan could quit boxing. However as he’s set to face Goyat in July, we doubt that is going to happen. 

Should you bet on the underdog?

Goyat may not be as famous as Khan but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made a name of himself. He was named India’s most promising boxer. He was also Asia’s honorary boxer in 2017. Many call him India’s national boxing hero. So he may not be as well known internationally but he’s an established fighter nationwide. 

Goyat, who is the WBC Asia welterweight titleholder has a record of 11 wins including two knockouts, three losses, and two draws till date. He defeated Mexico’s Carlos Lopez Marmolejo at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. His current odds are 11/1. He is preparing for this fight with a sparring partner that has a very similar style to Khan. He is certainly not to be taken lightly. 

According to online sportsbook news in India, earlier Goyat said: “This opportunity is as big as it gets for me. Everything that I have achieved till date wouldn’t matter when I enter the ring on July 12 taking on a seasoned, established superstar in Amir. I will be carrying the hopes of 1.2 billion on my shoulders who will expect me to bring the title by causing an upset.”

Furthermore, Goyat has mentioned that although he is fighting a big name, he is not overwhelmed by it and he is confident in his skills. 
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