Announced Change of the German Interstate Treaty of Gambling 2012


Posted: November 4, 2016

Updated: November 4, 2016

All of the German states signed an agreement for change of the current legislative in regard of the online gambling and sports betting in the coutnry.

After a few days ago William Hill and bet-at-home were accepted as members of the German Betting Association (DSWV), Germany continues filling the world gambling news with the newly announced changes in the national strategy for online gambling and sports betting. As gambling news report all of the Germany’s constitutive states signed an agreement for necessary change of the German gambling act 2012 which was seen as preventing the full development of the online gambling and sports betting sector.

Germany to fight against monopoly in the betting sector

The agreement between the states proposes that a new regulative is made in the upcoming period that will be in compliance with the European Union business and competition laws, unlike the so called German “Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2012” (ISTG). Although the ISTG allows private providers to accept sports wagers (including those placed online) and includes further provisions which act to further liberalize the German gambling industry (especially in respect of lotteries), it still stipulates a general state monopoly for games of chance and a general ban on online gambling.

Satisfied from the initiative Mathias Dahm, president of the president of the German Betting Association, claimed that “with the introduction of a genuine system of authorisation, legal certainty can finally be established.” As online gambling sites in Germany report Dahm emphasized that the aim of the more liberal betting monopoly in Europe should not only be suspended temporarily, but completely abolished.” In the upcoming month much of the procedure concerning the dynamics of the changes will be announced.

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