Annual Chase Betting; A Great British Bastion

Bet on Grand Annual Chase 2017

Grand Annual Chase 2017
Top Of The Field

• Romain De Senam – 16/1
• Zamdy Man – 16/1
• Lami Serge – 16/1
• Cloudy Dream – 16/1
• Velvet Maker – 14/1
• The Game Changer – 14/1
• Theinval – 14/1
• Rock The World – 12/1
• Dodging Bullet – 12/1
• Le Prezien – 10/1
• Starchitect – 9/1
• Dandridge – 8/1

The Annual Chase betting odds are all over the place just as they should be in this traditional, if somewhat chaotic, cavalcade of an ending to the Cheltenham Festival on Friday. There’s a big field to run in front of massive crowds and if you like to bet on sports in the UK this is a great spectacle to end the festival with Bet365 offering some superb opportunities to boost your bankroll.

The sturdy backbone of the Cheltenham Festival the Grand Annual Chase dates back to 1834 and goes over two miles and a half furlong with, these days, a top prize of over 50k waiting for the winner. Moved to the last race of the last day this really is the big-bang finish of the festival and Grand Annual Chase betting is always characterized by a just a little more unpredictability that perhaps accompanies the other races of the festival. There might be favorites, but that guarantees nothing in this one.

These days it’s named after Johnny Henderson who helped saved the venue from evil property developers back in the early sixties assisting in the raising of funds necessary to buy the course outright, and it is only appropriate that this horse owner and banker is celebrated in this crazy climax to events at the Cheltenham Festival, but if you’re going to do a spot of Annual Chase betting just which of the myriad of mounts should you bet choosing to back with your hard earned cash this Friday?

Big Finish To Fabulous Festival On Friday

Well it IS the last race of the festival, if caution were ever to be thrown to the wind, this could be the moment, so there is something to be said for picking one or two of the long shots for an each-way flutter and Grand Annual Chase betting is often done more with the heart than the head, so Witness In Court at 40/1 might take your fancy, or even Pleasant Company at 25/1, or maybe you’ll be one of those in the UK gambling news on Saturday will be of a place finish for Solar Impulse at 40/1 or Solita at 33/1.

With a field this large you can only ever hope, if one isn’t a hardened turf-bet boffin, to pick a name you like and trust your luck, and on that basis Next Sensation at 20/1 sounds particularly nice, as might Bright New Dawn at 16/1 for it’s positive vibes. There’s Three Stars at 25/1 if you’re looking to the heavens for guidance with your Annual Chase betting, although Bold Henry at 33/1 might be your cup of tea. Personally I think the best idea might be Dodging Bullets at 12/1, but that’s just me.

Best Grand Annual Chase Betting Odds At Bet365

Of course not everyone out there can be quite so cavalier with their Annual Chase betting and will put some more thought into it before they place a wager at Bet365, and if you were to ask them Rock The World might just be on the edges of acceptability as an each-way effort on 12/1, although Le Prezien is far more attractive on 10/1 for that sort of thing, and that’s only if the gang on 14/1 (Velvet Maker, The Game Changer and Theinval) doesn’t float your boat. Sitting on the odds to win however are just two.

Starchitect (which sounds like the guy you get in to build you a Death Star) is at 9/1 and is well worth a punt, with good form going into this week, and Dandridge is only barely ahead at 8/1 on Bet365 and for all your on-the-nose Annual Chase betting fans that’ll be the temping option. That said, if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on this marvelously British sort of horse race, you might be missing the point if you’ve not plumped for longer odds and a far more silly name.

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