Another Day, Another Credit Card Theft

Only reputable online casinos will handle properly credit card fraud complaints.

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According to the latest news, as many as 10 million Visa account numbers may have been compromised as the security experts claim. This is one of the biggest credit card data thefts.

Now, millions of Visa and MasterCard holders will need to watch their statements for potential fraud. The Global Payments, the processor of credit card information, has released the news that they have been a subject to a hack attack. The federal law enforcement officials and forensics experts are investigating.

This may cause a worry for many players of online casinos in United States. Thus, it becomes crucial that the players do their gambling with reputable establishments which have a clear cut policy involving help in the incidents of data fraud.

Unfortunately, since American gambling laws prohibit most of online betting, the players find it hard to complain to the authorities as that may cause them more trouble than benefits. On the other hand, a reputable online casino will handle complaints properly.

Moreover, online and mobile betting games developed by reputable software companies, such as Microgaming, provide a better guarantee that the games played aren’t rigged. Microgaming alone provides over 450 casino games.

Other competitors, such as Playtech, also offer a multitude of games, while Facebook is entering social gambling market and any disgruntled players will need to deal with this giant when it comes to fraud or complaints.

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