April Fools’ Day Betting: Guingamp v Bordeaux Odds for Ligue 1

We are nearing the end of 2018 Ligue 1, the top professional football competition in France. EA Guingamp and Girondins Bordeaux are having a match on April Fools’ Day. Why are the Guingamp v Bordeaux odds so close? Find out below!

On the 1st of April 2018, a total of four Ligue 1 football matches will be played. One of the fixtures belongs to none other than EA Guingamp and Girondins Bordeaux. According to France gambling news, it will be a home match for Guingamp at Stadu Du Roudourou. We all know that April Fools’ Day is all about jokes. Can we trust the Guingamp v Bordeaux odds?

Bordeaux Almost Always Wins

Girondins Bordeaux has a reputation for being the stronger team. Let’s take a look at the head-to-head statistics between Bordeaux and Guingamp. Out of 21 matches played, Bordeaux won 17 times while Guingamp only had 4 wins. So if we’re betting in France, should we just go with Bordeaux? Not so fast, because the Guingamp v Bordeaux odds actually reveal a close tie.

Placement in 2018 Ligue 1 Table Matters

Online gambling sites in France predict only a slight advantage for Bordeaux (2.60) to win over Guingamp (2.91) at the upcoming Ligue 1 match. We think the fact that Bordeaux almost always win should seal the deal. However, the Ligue 1 Table actually shows the teams’ current form.

At the moment, Bordeaux place 9th while and Guingamp are the 11th on the Ligue 1 table. If we look closer, they only have a point difference! It shows that Guingamp are doing just as well as Bordeaux. Based on the Ligue 1 rankings, the Guingamp v Bordeaux odds make sense!

What About a Draw?

Let’s not forget about the possibility of a draw between the two teams. At the upcoming Ligue 1 match, the Guingamp v Bordeaux odds for a tie are at 3.42. After all, 25% of the Guingamp and Bordeaux matches were draws.

Bet on Guingamp v Bordeaux in Ligue 1!

Guingamp (2.91) have the potential to win at the upcoming Ligue 1 match. On the other hand, Bordeaux (2.60) still remain the bookies’ favorite. To celebrate this April’s Fool Day, why not bet on Guingamp v Bordeaux at Vbet Sportsbook?

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