Check Out The Best Eurovision 2018 Winner Odds

Eurovision 2018 Participating Countries

The song contest is watched by millions, and now we can see the best Eurovision 2018 winner odds as well!

Online sportsbook news sites in Portugal are not usually filled with news about songs and singers. However, there is that one time of the year when all these sites are full of such news: when the most popular song contest of the year is coming. And it’s coming soon, so of course we get to read more and more about it.

And if we can read about it, we can obviously bet on it as well. The best sportsbook sites in the world already came up with the Eurovision 2018 winner odds. Have you checked out all the songs already? Do you have a favourite? Do you think you know which country has the best chances this year? Check out the best Eurovision 2018 winner odds with us!

Should you bet on Hungary to win Eurovision 2018?

Eurovision Song Contest is always pretty much a political contest – dressed as a talent show for musicians. Hence, it’s always the popular countries with some popular political issues who win. Like, Conchita Wurst of Austria in the dawn of LGBTI rights, or Ukraine’s peaceful but strong message, right after the peaceful homecoming of Crimea.

Hungary last year tried to take advantage of such flow and they sent a feminist song which was a clear message. It was about violence against women, obviously taking side – on the feminist side. However, the message wasn’t strong enough to win. Now they changed a bit, so this is what they are sending this year:

A metal song. You can barely see such music at Eurovision Song Contest – any year, really. Can this change of ideologies make it possible for Hungary to win Eurovision 2018? Online sportsbook sites in Portugal don’t believe in the Hungarian success: the odds for Hungary to win Eurovision 2018 are 67.00 at Bwin Sports.

Can metal win at Eurovision?

Not this year apparently, at least according to the online sportsbook directory. However, it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Do you know the Finnish band Lordi? They kicked off their fame at Eurovision Song Contest 2006, winning the whole contest. It was unusual and nothing similar happened ever since. Can Hungary make the next exceptional contest participation?

Who are the favourites to win Eurovision 2018?

As mentioned above, Bwin Sports rated Hungary’s success at 67.00, but Finland isn’t much of a favourite either. The odds for Finland to win Eurovision 2018 are 34.00. The biggest favourite this year is without a doubt Israel. The odds for Israel to win Eurovision Song Contest 2018 are as low as 3.00, of course these are also Bwin Sports odds.

Estonia and Czech Republic are among the biggest favourites as well. The odds for Estonia to win Eurovision this year are 7.00, while those for the Czechs are 9.00. Bulgaria, Norway and Australia are the only remaining candidates below 20.00 odds. Theirs are respectively 15.00, 15.00 and 17.00.

Do you think the Eurovision 2018 winner odds are right? Will Israel win Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Can anyone surprisingly beat the Israeli song? Will it be any of the favourites, or will we see an odds upsetting Eurovision Song Contest 2018 winner? Check out the best Eurovision 2018 winner odds at Bwin Sports and make money out of your Eurovision 2018 betting predictions!

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