Aquis Asserts it Doesn’t Environmental Assessment for Resort Project

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Australian developer Aquis claims it has no need for federal environmental assessment for Queensland resort.

Aquis made a statement to the federal Department of the Environment, claiming the company will not create any major impact on the environment from where the project is being built.
“A draft EIS [environmental impact statement] has been completed but not submitted to the co-ordinator-general, pending finalization of a related issuing of a casino license that is critical to the project viability,”
Tony Fung, Hong-King billionaire, is backing the massive $8 billion resort is ready to compete with Australian mobile casinos. Once completed, it is expected that Aquis will boast one of the biggest casinos and resorts in the country.

Although Aquis remains convinced in that all of its affairs are in order with scrupulous practices, smaller local groups differ in opinion.
They are concerned at the monstrous scale of the project, but also that flooding and pollution may be of serious consequence in the surrounding areas.

Australian Conservation Foundation expresses some concerns

Andrew Picone, representative of the Australian Conservation Foundation,thinks that a formal process should be carried out and people’s voices must be heard.
“At a minimum, it should be considered a controlled action to protect the Great Barrier Reef.”
“We have a developer here who thinks he should be given all the approvals, but there is due process and the community should have its say.
As Aquis currently seems to be in line with Australian gambling laws, the only minor hindrance is the environmental concerns of the people.

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