Dynam Japan Holdings Co. Seeks for Asian Partner for Casino Expansion in Japan

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Casino business is set for a grand opening in Japan, as a number of companies are looking to fight for the new market.

The Pachinko hall operator also wants to partner with an Asian casino developer to build a casino in the Far East country.
Although a great deal of firms are impatiently standing on their toes, as they seek to capitalize on the fresh market, no Japanese gambling laws
have so far officially approved casinos.
Officials are currently still holding discussions which would open up Japan to join the casino world. Nevertheless, Dynam believes it is merely a matter of time before the gaming bill is passed. For this reason, they are making sure all preparations are in place.

Dynam is thinking “dynamically”

Big casino names have been reported to be interested in developing resorts and casinos in the popular metropolitan cities, like Tokyo and Osaka.
Dynam, on the other hand is looking elsewhere for customers. Company chairman, Yoji Sato, believes that their experience and immense knowledge of the Japanese gambling market will enable Dynam to strive among their competitors.
Unlike other corporations looking to seize big cities, Sato is assured that the regional markets hold the key to casino success. Local Japanese poker rooms are set to receive substantial competition for their customers.
“I think the local area is better. There you can run a stable operation targeting the mass market, with high-rollers accounting for about 10 to 20 percent of your business.”

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