Area 51 Storm Predictions Say there Will Be No Invasion on the Planned Date

  • Most people don’t believe in the Area 51 raid on September 20
  • Betting on the Area 51 invasion is worthy for strong reasons
Area 51 Storm Predictions Stop
Will the mass care about the rules? Image source: X 51 via Flickr

The raid on Area 51 is planned on September 20. A million volunteers agreed to invade the US military zone to reveal its secrets to the world. However, by the latest Area 51 storm predictions, the raid is not going to happen at the chosen date.

Area 51 is famous for the numerous rumors that circulate around it. The US military zone became especially popular after the X-files series where it was shown as a mysterious place where people can switch bodies. There are still rumors that Area 51 is a place for the development of the alien technologies and UFO investigations. Area 51 is officially known as a military installation where the US army tests its new forces.

Best Area 51 storm predictions show doubts in the further raid

News about Area 51 in Nevada state don’t leave the headlines since July. Creation of a meme event turned out into a serious and mass intention to storm the secret zone this fall. The latest online sportsbook news in the US express the doubt in the rid to happen. There are several reasons why Area 51 invasion won’t take place. You can find those below.

Area 51 Storm Predictions Stop Sign
People should go no further than this point. Image source: Simon Johansson via Wikimedia Commons

First of all, Area 51 storm predictions show pessimism due to the enhanced security of the secret zone. The US army has already warned the volunteers about the danger of accessing state military objects. The Air Force expressed its readiness to defend the Dreamland in case of invasion. All these things may prevent people from going to Nevada as it will be dangerous for their freedom and life.

Next, the coordination of all the volunteers’ actions doesn’t seem possible. Now there are 3.5 million people striving to reveal Nevada’s secret. 20-years-old Matty Roberts, who is the author of the viral Facebook event, is not the one to lead them all. He said he caused such a big interest in Area 51 unintentionally as he wanted to create a meme post. All these factors composed the odds of 1.16 showing that Area 51 raid won’t happen at the planned time.

Betting on the storm of Area 51 is still reasonable due to the hype

While most people show their skepticism on Area 51 raid, betting on it remains reasonable. With 4.78 odds on 1xBet Sportsbook, you can hit a jackpot in case of Area 51 invasion, which has really nice chances to take place.

The main reason why the storm is likely to happen is its unbelievable popularity. The corresponding Facebook event counts more than 2 million volunteers and 1.5 million interested people. Even if not all of them decide to go, there is no doubt that at least few thousands gather together in Rural Nevada.

Area 51 Storm Predictions Shop
There’s even a shop for this. Image source: RJA1988 via Pixabay

The other argument that speaks for the possibility of Area 51 invasion is the impossibility to stop all the alien hunters if all of them will come to Nevada. Imagine 3.5 or at least 1 million people or even 100 thousand running to the gates of the military base. How can the US forces stop the giant flow without serious victims? The Facebook event with a subtitle “They Can’t Stop All of Us” speaks for itself.

If you believe that Area 51 raid will take place this September, read our review about 1xBet Sportsbook.

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