Arizona Sports Betting Target Date – It is Here!

  • Arizona's gambling legislations have not been up-to-date
  • They finally reached an agreement, here are the new rules
  • Here is the target date for Arizona sports betting to start
Arizona Sports Betting Target Date

The gambling regulations of Arizona are in a special place. The state has a long history with gambling, but its laws are still not keeping up with the ever-changing business. But they finally recognized it, and after five long years of negotiating, they set a target date for sports betting in Arizona!

If you are someone, who has ever gambled on online gambling sites in the US, you probably know that all the states have their own regulations on the issue. Some states have looser rules with almost endless possibilities, like New Jersey, where gambling is widespread. But in other states, the rules are stricter, like in Hawaii, where online gambling is prohibited. And there is the Grand Canyon State, where they are trying to get ahold of a decent regulation on online gambling. Right now, it looks like they finally get what they want: Arizona just set a target date on sports betting!

The new sports betting deal in Arizona

The laws on the gambling of Arizona have been under negotiations for five – yes, you see it right, five – years. It was because they really wanted to give some more opportunities to those residents who like to gamble. Especially online, since online sports betting has been kind of a grey area for the state – they have never clearly regulated it. But now, it is about to change, since Arizona set the target date to make sports betting go live.

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As we said in a previous article: “On Monday, May 24th, the US Department of the Interior approved an updated tribal compact with the state – as AP News reported. And by that, the emergency legislation that Governor Doug Ducey signed back in April was also put into effect. (Since that was a counterpart to the tribal agreement.)” So, finally, the changes got a green light! The new rules let people wager on sports events and online fantasy sports online. But the tribal casinos also benefit: they will get more options on their territories, like new slots. And that is not only good for local operators and gambling residents. It is also good for those online sportsbook sites in the US, like Bovada, who would likely think about entering the territory!

Arizona Sports Betting Target Date
Arizona flag – Image via Flickr

Arizona sports betting target date

The above-mentioned changes are huge for the Grand Canyon State. Of course, it was a milestone, since they did not have any major changes for the past couple of decades. But the new era is coming up, as the new rules are going live soon. But when is that exactly? We finally know that too! The target date for Arizona sports betting has been revealed. The gambling regulators of the state claim that they hope to have new licenses for sports wagering issued by the start date of the 2021 National Football League season. That is already in September! The date cannot be a coincidence. You see, according to the new legislation it is not only reservation casinos who can offer sports betting options, major sports groups can too!

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Place your bets!

Now it is official: from September, you will be able to place your bets legally on sports betting sites in Arizona. There will probably be only a few offers in the first time. But we believe that with time, the market will expand. And the most popular online sportsbooks in the US, such as Bovada, will try to get into the territory. With that, your possibilities will be almost infinite! Until then, just be patient. During the next National Football League season, you will be able to place your bets, as a resident of the Grand Canyon State!

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