Arkansas Gambling Laws

Arkansas Gambling Laws on Casinos, Lotteries, Fantasy Sports

GamingZion has reviewed the US gambling laws in order to list the states where players are allowed to gamble in the US.

Are you planning to gamble in Arkansas? Make sure to check out the Arkansas gambling laws!

Arkansas gambling laws

Arkansas gambling laws prohibit even Indian casinos. However, there are two operating casinos in the state. These establishments offer casino themed games, horse racing, and dog racing. Other than those, wagering on sports or games is unlawful. Real money betting on card games such as blackjack or poker can result in a fine up to USD 25. Based on Arkansas gambling laws, betting debts cannot be enforced in Arkansas, even if the player amassed those in a state where gambling is legal. Furthermore, a person who loses any money on betting games may recover the money. All efforts to legalize casino gambling in Arkansas have been unfruitful.

Lottery in Arkansas

In 2008, Arkansas became the 43rd state with a state lottery. However, besides the state lotteries all other forms of raffles are banned. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act was founded to raise money for state university scholarships. Act 606 also established the Arkansas Lottery Commission, however in 2015 the commission was abolished and the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration took over its functions. Arkansas participates in multi-state lottery games as well, such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Arkansas lotteries will be run by Scientific Games International until 2026. Since 2015, residents can participate in the Arkansas lotteries from their smartphone, as Scientific Games released free iOS and Android lottery apps.

Online Gambling in Arkansas

Since most Arkansas gambling laws were created before the age of internet, the situation of online gambling is unclear when it comes to the state. Currently, there are numerous online casinos that accept wagers from Arkansans. Arkansas online betting options include horse and dog racing only.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Arkansas

Most formats of daily fantasy sports violate Arkansas gambling laws. As of now, there’s not even lobbying for regulated daily fantasy sports in Arkansas. US gambling law experts advise operators to block users resided in Arkansas. However, the biggest daily fantasy sports sites, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, are still operating in the state. “If you look closely at state law in Arkansas and Tennessee, one reaches the inevitable conclusion that online contests are illegal if they involve even the smallest amount of chance,” said Marc Edelman, professor of law at City University, New York. In 2015, there were many lawsuits against daily fantasy sports sites filed by Arkansas citizens. Arkansas gambling law experts say that playing daily fantasy sports in Arkansas is not illegal, but online operators are breaching the law by allowing Arkansans to participate for real-money.

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