Armenian Online Gambling Ads Banned

Armenian gambling adverts

Armenian online gambling ads have been banned in order to protect consumers and prevent the development of gambling addiction.

In Armenia gambling news, Armenian online gambling sites have been banned from advertising on television, radio, or other media outlets in the country. The ban was put in place after legislators voted in favour of it by 91 votes. A spokesman for the Government of Armenia cites the protection of consumers as the main reason behind the sudden prohibition of Armenian online gambling advertisements.

The announcement was made at the Armenian Gaming Forum in Yerevan, a congress which covered all aspects of the online gambling market. It came as a shock to many, as the Armenian online gambling market has recently shown significant growth and success.

Armenian online gambling ad ban will hurt development of market

The banning of Armenian online gambling adverts will undeniably dissuade internet casino operators and investors from trying to join the Armenian market. Previously, there’d been avid interest in Armenia, with many operators, game developers, and players worldwide expressing interest in the country’s growing market.

According to new legislation, the only places where advertising will be allowed are at hotels that hold four stars or higher; gaming centers; and entry points to the Republic of Armenia.

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