The Ashes 4th Test Betting Odds England Attract Look Tempting

  • Hosts Can’t Rely On Another Ben Stokes Ashes Miracle
  • Ashes 4th Test Betting Odds - England 11/8 On Bet365
  • Jofra Archer Squares Off Against Smith At Old Trafford
The Ashes 4th Test Betting Odds
Exciting game ahead for England

Those infected with the optimism born out of a very lucky World Cup win and a stunningly superb innings from an otherwise patchy batsman should probably pick up the Ashes 4th Test betting odds England are getting at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK. At 11/8 it’s a great punt on a team that is still struggling to find its feet whilst still managing to pull off the wins when necessary. Still, all good things come to an end; and Old Trafford beckons. 

I never gave up.” Said Ben Stokes of his heroics, as heroes so often do. His Headingley innings still thrilling the fans, buoying the hosts and keeping the Ashes 4th test betting odds England get on the distinctly low side. Whether or not this is realistic is debatable. Whilst England have indeed managed to keep themselves in contention, the means by which they’ve done so have not really been all that reassuring. Once by luck and once by skill Ben Stokes has been a savior.

Of course, anyone thinking of placing a bet on sports in the UK backing them at those Ashes 4th Test betting odds England are currently getting will need to believe he can do it again, because there’s precious little evidence of any other good reason. Anderson is out for the rest of the series leaving the English attack hanging on Jofra Archer, Joe Denly has had to replace Jason Roy as opener and the opposition’s greatest asset, Steve Smith, is back at the crease in the firing line.

The Ashes 4th Test Betting Odds
Steve Smith (NAPARAZZI [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Smith Returns And Finds Archer Still Waiting

Watching Jofra Archer face off against Steve Smith again will be very interesting. Part of the reason that the Ashes 4th Test betting odds England garner are so low is because no one can quite believe Smith will be able to weather the assault. A concussion is no laughing matter and knowing Archer will be banging a few short and speedy might just take the swagger out of the Australian batting genius as they whistle by his head fast enough to take it off once again. 

This might seem a little Douglas Jardine but they’ve no other solution for Steve Smith, and if no one mentions Bodyline, and Archer doesn’t actually kill him, perhaps they’ll get away with it. Certainly the Ashes 4th Test betting odds England get at bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, would suggest they might, but let us not forget just how easily Australia swanned through the entire English batting order in the first innings at Headlingley. 

Bet365 Have All The Ashes 4th Test Betting Odds England Need 

Australia get an equitable 7/4 to win the match, and 1/2 to retain the Ashes which will be more than enough to take the wind out of the host’s sails. This being Britain the wind and rain could also well play a part, alas, and those with an eye on the weather report could choose to plump for a draw at 11/4, although that really isn’t as tempting as the Ashes 4th Test betting odds England are getting. Partly because they’re lucky right now, but mostly because weather wagers are dull.

With the Ashes 4th Test betting odds England garner dipping significantly the odds on them regaining the trophy have also shortened a tad, down to just 6/4, although honestly with them needing to win both the remaining matches to manage it I’d not rush off to take advantage of UK gambling laws to stake much on it happening. Ben Stokes has given England hope, and as any long term fan of English cricket will tell you, that’s an oft-trod path to naught but cruel misery.

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