Australian Man Makes Millions in Alleged Sports Betting Scam

Australian conman allegedly made millions of dollars while local police couldn’t agree who’s responsible for the case.

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I’m sure you all know what it feels like to be lost in the maze of bureaucracy. Police tells you this, other authorities tell you that, and you end up going from places to places with no results. An Australian conman took advantage of this situation and the Australian gambling laws and allegedly made millions.

Australian police in New South Wales (NSW) investigated a case involving a betting ring in the neighboring Queensland state last year. Police discovered a betting scam that focused on NSW players, mostly those who frequently play at online casinos in Australia or bet on sports online.

The trick the suspect used is as old as gambling itself. He made over a dozen sports betting websites. Needles to say, none of the scam sites were recognized as trustable sites in internet betting in Australia such as the ones you find on our site. The conman offered gamblers unrealistic high returns, the players deposited large sums of money (minimum $5,000.) hoping to make a few fast bucks.

As you could expect, those legendary high returns never happened, and the gamblers had problems retrieving their money. At least one site is known to rip off victims continuously for a period of two or three years. Another website, Proficient Sports, had a player losing as much as $90,000. Worse, some unwary (should we say greedy well?) investors lost around half a million dollars.

The Australian police showed great incompetence in the case. The NSW police department requested a warrant to arrest the suspect in Queensland. The Queensland police told them to comply with the provincial protocols. So the investigation was handed over to Queensland Police Fraud Investigation Unit in January 2012.

Eight months later two of the sites still continue to operate and the suspect remains free. The Queensland Police says that “the matter is currently being assessed by the Fraud & Corporate Crime Group” and as usual “it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this stage.” We’ll keep you posted on the case.

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