Australian Open 2018 Betting Odds Expect Easy Victory for Roger Federer…

Roger Federer Australian Open

It’s always more fun when you bet on the underdogs and actually win. Like when Leicester City wins Premier League. What’s the fun in betting on Man City? What’s the fun in betting on Federer now, as all Australian Open 2018 betting odds predict his triumph…?

Australian Open 2018 betting predictions will be all over the internet as all online sportsbook news sites in Australia will keep reporting about the very first Grand Slam of the year. Including GamingZion, as we already wrote our explanation why you should consider placing a bet on Sharapova to win Australian Open 2018

Who could stop Roger Federer in 2018?

Roger Federer made a fascinating comeback in 2017 after a terribly long injury and proved once again that he’s one of the biggest tennis legends alive. While Online sportsbook sites in Australia expect the Swiss tennis player to continue where he left off, his opponents have other dreams…

You definitely shouldn’t bet on Andy Murray to beat the Australian Open 2017 winner, as the Englishman will miss out on the tournament due to injury. However, Rafa Nadal plans another comeback after his knee injury from November, and the Spaniard seems to be up for the challenge.

The odds for Nadal to win Australian Open 2018 are 5.50 at Bwin Sports. Federer is the only one with better odds, his chances are counted at 2.75. Of course we must mention Novak Djokovic with his 6.50 odds as well, but it might be better idea to bet on the underdogs like Dimitrov or Wawrinka. Their odds are 11.00 and 29.00 respectively…

Where should I bet on Australian Open 2018?

If you’re looking for the best Australian Open 2018 betting sites, our number one recommendation for you would definitely be to check out the latest review about Bwin Sports. Not only because they offer the best odds for Australian Open 2018, but also because they are preparing a special offer for the special occasion…

And what that special offer is? We’ve already written about their Grand Slam betting promo, which is something that everyone who plans to bet on Australian Open 2018, should check out. Will you bet on tennis and run for Bwin’s GBP 50k tennis betting tournament?

However, you better keep in mind that Bwin Sports is not the only member of the online sportsbook directory to offer Australian Open 2018 betting odds. You can find quite similar offers at Unibet Sportsbook as well. In addition, they also came up with the tennis betting tournament idea…

Both sites offer tempting Australian Open 2018 betting odds for tennis enthusiasts, and for sure there are many more tennis betting promos yet to come. And you can be sure as hell that GamingZion will let you know about each and every one of them!

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