Australians Among the Biggest Gamblers in the World

Aussies just can't get enough when it comes to gambling Down Under

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Australians love to gamble and the fact that the average Australian spends over $1,200 a year on all kinds of betting proves that. It is estimated that nearly 70% of adults Down Under bet at least once a year.

Due to benign Australian gambling laws, similar as in the United Kingdom, Australians bet on a variety of events. This is in strong contrast to the United States where online sports betting can put a person in jail for violating a Wire Act.

On the other hand, Canada, influenced by its southern neighbor, but still part of the British Commonwealth, takes a middle path where certain sorts of gambling are not allowed, but also not prosecuted harshly.

Sports betting is on a strong rise, yet it still constitutes a small shares of overall gambling industry, with horse racing taking a lion’s share of sports betting revenues. This is changing with the access to online sportsbooks in Australia in variety of forms such as smartphone or computer-based betting supplementing land-based outfits. Due to an easy access to modern technology, teenagers and senior citizens alike can easily bet on favorite events.

In fact, online sportsbooks offer access to bets to most sports including very popular in the Anglo-Saxon world football, rugby, cricket, and horse racing. Motor sports and field and track betting also has its share.

Lottery as well as casino gambling in Australia still overshadow sports betting in popularity, but this is quickly changing. More bets are expected as London 2012 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching and the Australian athletes tend to do very well, so there is continued strong interest in sports.

What many outsiders wouldn’t expect is the amount of gambling taking place in Australian poker rooms. This area, indeed, rakes in the most revenues. Australia also happens to hold some major international poker tournaments with prizes going into millions.

This vast in territory but small in population country is for many a betting haven. Will we see kangaroo jumping or boxing one of those days? I’m willing to place bets.

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