Austrian Casino Won’t Pay €43 Million Progressive Jackpot Winner

Bregenz Casino in Austria refuses to pay a €43 million progressive slots jackpot winner, blaming a malfunctioning computer for the mistake.

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Mr. Behar Merlaku went out for some fun, gambling at the Bregenz Casino in Austria to celebrate the recent birth of his son.

According to online gambling news in Austria, Mr. Behar was playing the biggest progressive slot inside the casino and hit the progressive slot jackpot which at the time was €43 million ($62 million).

As Mr. Behar Merlaku and his friends began screaming, ululating, and celebrating his big win, a few Austrian casino employees walked over and announced that the win doesn’t count.

The casino employees allegedly states that Mr. Behar won nothing and a “software error” was responsible for the mishap.

Mr. Behar would have none of that and fell into a rage as he explains – “When I won I was ecstatic and of course I relied upon it being a real jackpot which it was. I saw it on the screen. But then the disappointment came when two casino workers came to me and said there was a software error. They took me for a fool which I am not. I’ve played in many casinos and (screw) them if they have a software problem.”

The Bregenz Casino, licensed under Austrian gambling laws, admit that indeed the progressive slot machine showed Behar that he has won the progressive jackpot but blame a malfunctioning computer, a careless casino worker and a faulty display on the error.

The casino firmly believes that it owes nothing to Mr. Brehar since the mistake was made by the casino employee and not the casino itself.

Bregenz Casino also banned Behar Merlaku, since it’s against the casino’s policy for customers to complain when being cheated.

Behar Merlaku is suing the casino claiming that he was driven insane by becoming a multi-millionaire and then being cheated by the Bregenz Casino. The cheated man wants he court to award him for the mental anguish caused by the casino.

“I have psychological problems since the jackpot incident. I can’t sleep anymore and I constantly think about the injustice I’ve experienced. I’m almost ruined. I’ll always keep thinking about that day. I want to spread what happened to me all over Europe. I don’t accept it.”

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