Baccarat Cheating in South Korea

Cheaters at South Korean baccarat now hide from Interpol.

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In a recent report, one of the few land-based casinos allowed to operate under South Korean gambling laws has been closed for a day, the first time in its history.

The closure is related to a scandal involving baccarat cheating. It’s been exposed that casino employees installed hidden video cameras in a card box at one baccarat table. As investigation continues, new things are uncovered.

Apparently, two gamblers claimed to have lost over $4 million at baccarat. In order to get a refund, they got casino employees to install video cameras to prove the losses in some bizarre way. But the scam has been exposed after the gamblers attempted to blackmail casino management. The police sent information to Interpol to seek the criminals wherever they hide.

With online casinos in South Korea restricted, players seek other venues to gamble, often involving cheating.

Making online gambling scams isn’t possible unless it refers to many disreputable online sites seeking to rip off players. On the other hand, using well-established internet casinos will ensure fair play.

The mobile casinos in South Korea are also becoming popular. No wonder, South Korean Samsung is one of the leaders on the smartphone market, and with Android operating system becoming more popular for gaming, it is inevitable that many will use mobile phones to play.

For thrill seekers, some exotic places may be opening up. Recent news indicate that North Korea may be opening a resort casino near South Korean border (and effectively near 10 million in population and wealthy in money Seoul). Previous attempts at gambling in North Korea have resulted in a homicide when a lunatic North Korean soldier allegedly shot dead a tourist.

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