North Dakota Legislature is Back to Discussing Online Gambling

Jim Kasper, North Dakota Representative, has the last laugh about the online gambling perspectives.

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Back in 2005, North Dakota Representative Jim Kasper attempted to change American gambling laws with his online gambling bill. Naturally it was rejected and laughed at.

Fast forward to 2012, right after the Department of Justice changed its stance on the precise definition of the online gambling in the Wire Act, the State Legislature picked up the almost forgotten topic. Lawmakers are currently debating the possibilities of online lottery legalization in the state.

Kasper commented that “vindication comes to mind” when he thinks about his failed attempt to provide his beloved state with a real early adopter advantage back in 2005. In case his bill hasn’t been rejected back then, North Dakota could have been among the pioneer states with online casinos in United States.

Kasper shared with media that North Dakota might have lost millions in much needed state revenues because of blind sighted attitude of state lawmakers.

Kasper told United States gambling news: “Obviously we can’t go back, but it’s conceivable that all the property tax of the people of North Dakota could have been paid for by the tax on the internet poker companies because they would have come to our state; now that’s hindsight and that didn’t happen.”

He went on to add: “The point I make is we still have a great opportunity potentially, in the 2013 session, if the legislature decides to go that route to re-look at the licensing and regulation of internet poker companies.”

Wayne Stenehjem, the state Attorney General, called for a moderate approach and stated that Congress still needs to amend the 1961 Wire Act before any legalization could take place.

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