Bayern Faces Stuttgart While Dortmund vs Schalke Rivalry is Held Again – Quick Betting Lines for Bundesliga


Posted: November 6, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Take advantage of the Dortmund vs Schalke rivalry by following GamingZion’s Bundesliga betting tips for the upcoming matchday!

Bayern Munich
are hosting VfB Stuttgart, which used to be a thrilling derby a few years ago between the richest football clubs in the country, however by now online sportsbooks in Germany do not give high chances for VfB’s triumph. There will be a really exciting battle on Sunday though, when the Dortmund vs Schalke rivalry will be presented in form of a spectacle battle. Check out GaingZion’s Bundesliga betting tips!

Bayern vs Stuttgart

Stuttgart used to be among the top teams of Germany, however in the past few years they have been escaping relegation instead of fighting for participating in continental tournaments. Despite the fact that they are in stable financial situation, they just seem to be unable to build a strong team. That’s not the case for Bayern Munich as the team obviously dominates the Bundesliga, having won the past 3 titles and leading this year’s championship without being defeated in the first 11 rounds.

Safe bet:
Bayern to win for 1.10 (1/10) at Bet365

Players to watch: Robert Lewandowski and Douglas Costa

Robert Lewandowski Douglas Costa Bayern Munchen

Costa and Lewandowski, that spells trouble for Stuttgart

Apart from the excellent form of Bayern Munich as a team, we can also highlight the constant performances provided by top class Polish striker Robert Lewandowski and newly signed Douglas Costa. The former scored 17 goals in his 16 matches, while the Brazilian scored 3 goals and have created many chances for his mates.

Lewandowski to score for 1.33 (33/100) at Bet365

Dortmund vs Schalke 04

Both teams are doing rather well in the domestic league, yet online sportbooks regard the Gelsenkirchen-based side as complete underdogs for the upcoming derby. The Dortmund vs Schalke rivalry is usually a real derby as it is not supposed to be too one sided, but the BVB are in superb form – only Bayern managed to defeat them so far.

Dortmund to win for 1.30 (3/10) at Bet365

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