BDO Betting Odds Stable After PDC Firework Finale

BDO barts betting

The PDC final at Alexandra Palace contained a record number of 180s for a single match and gave the huge audience a superb display of the very highest pinnacles of the sport, but even as Michael van Gerwin celebrates regaining his title from Gary Anderson the attention of the Darts world shifts to the Lakeside in Frimley where the BDO Darts World Championships get underway this Saturday, however Bet365, and with most other bookies seem to be quite sure which way any BDO betting should go.

The 24th PDC World Darts Championship showcased the sport including grandees like Phil Taylor whose appearance equaling John Lowe’s record, and that wasn’t the only record that went by the way side as eventual champion Michael van Gerwen snatched away Taylor’s 15 year old three-dart-average in his semi-final with Raymond van Barneveld, getting 114.05 over the old 11.21 record, and anyone at the BDO betting they’ll be able to count on similar fireworks as the PDC final will be disappointed.

The epic match enthralled from start to finish with Gary Anderson defending his title to the best of his ability yet still found wanting by an unstoppable Van Gerwin, and it is unlikely, given the odds at Bet365 that the BDO betting markets are garnering, that the BDO’s big gun will be challenged by the rest of the field to the point where those that like to bet on sports in the UK could expect the same sort of dramatic tension and atmosphere that the PDC managed to kick up as it rose to a crescendo.

Bet365 Has All The Darts Odds For The BDO

BDO betting odds being quite so heavily stacked towards just one player is perhaps the biggest problem facing the organization finds itself all but under siege from the PDC that broke away from them a couple of decades back and gained the mammoth backing of Sky Sports coverage to rival the BDO that gets seen, in the UK at least, on the well respected Channel 4 and the less respected BT Sport which has an audience share fractionally below that of paint drying on the cafeteria walls.

BDO darts player

Glen Durrant is a major betting favorite heading into the BDO Darts World Championship (photo:

Naturally the money behind Sky and the accessibility of Channel 4 almost offset each other however the BDO betting they can continue to operate as before in face of this now veteran competitor so successfully publicizing itself is just living in cloud cuckoo land. UK gambling laws might allow bets on all sorts of weird and wonderful things at Bet365, but I doubt you’ll find good odds on the BDO surviving if there’s too much predictability in their results – just look at what happened to formula one.

BDO Betting Odds Favour Durrant Over Noppert

The problem is the skill and form of Glen Durrant who is just 13/8 at Bet365 and leads the field in any BDO betting but quite a wide margin, his nearest rival is Danny Noppert on a distant 6/1, which says it all. After that the odds get awfully long awfully fast, especially for a sport that will come down to just two players going one-on-one at the Lakeside. However the UK gambling news headlines next week could be of a surprise winner, in the same way aliens could invade, so if brave, take your pick.

Scott Waites and Jamie Hughes both get 12/1, Scott Mitchell is at 14/1 right now, Dean Reynolds is on 16/1, Martin Adams 18/1 and Jeff Smith and Mark McGeeney get 25/1. Of course if you’re into really longshots BDO betting has the 28/1 shots Wesley Harms and Geert de Vos or the 40/1 chances Darius Labanauskas and Darryl Fitton, although start choosing those and bingo internet betting has begun to warp your mind. The smart money WILL be on Durrant, and, if we’re honest, the PDC, but not this weekend.

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