Become a Horserace Pro: Best Breeds of All Time


Posted: May 18, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

You can bet on it! Here are the best horse breeds that are sure to be punter favorites. Part I.  

Let’s talk about something that is a popular hit on online sportsbooks. Some say it is the most graceful sport of all, others love it for the beauty of the animals. 
Yes, I am talking about horseracing.

• Best horse breeds to bet on
• The Arabian is most preferred
• Information on the top five horse breeds

The adrenaline rush of seeing our favourite cross the line and the charming names, like All That Jazz and Nothing Fancy all contribute to the fact that gamblers adore betting on ponies. No wonder this sport is offered on nearly all of the mobile betting sites. Proving this point is the International Federation of Horseracing Authority’s figure from 2008: horseracing has generated a colossal USD 115 billion market worth around the world. Not bad for My Little Pony, huh.

No. 1: Arabian

Bred to be enduring and fast, the Arabian comes from a long line of ancient ancestors. Natural winners, Arabian horses were created by the Bedouin people to be able to outrun attackers. They have amazing endurance over large distances, which make them an all-time favourite of punters. 

Arabian Horse

Their muscles are not bulky: they were constructed to be able to work for drawn-out periods of time, and cover longer distances than other breeds. Because of this, they are much more agile than other kinds of horses. Due to their high levels of intelligence, they are extremely easy to train, so it is preferred by many racers.

No. 2: Thoroughbred

Henry VIII was an avid fan of horseracing and the Thoroughbred came to life during his reign. With at least 31 ancestors, the Thoroughbred boasts of three main bloodlines: the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk make up 84% of this breed’s physique. 

Thoroughbred Horse

With this breed, those who prefer to bet on mobile casino gambling sites should be aware of the fact that speed and distance have to balanced out. Thoroughbreds are fastest when it comes to medium distances. They don’t, however, have the stamina of the Arabian, maybe due to the fact that their muscles are a bit heftier.

No. 3: Quarter Horse

Favored by punters mostly due to its connection to Cowboys, this breed is much more than a symbol of the Wild West. Ever wonder why the name? It stands for their extreme speed over a quarter mile. This breed is so resilient that they could work during the weekdays and then race over the weekend.

Quarted Horse

There are many types, such as the Halter, Stock or Hunter type, but for betters, the Racer type is most relevant. They are leaner and have longer legs than other types, characteristics that make them an ideal choice. Since they are versatile, harmony between jockey and horse is complete: an important aspect when it comes to racing.

No. 4: Standardbred

Setting a standard for other horses, the Standardbred’s name comes from the qualifications it has to go through to register as a Standardbred. Each horse has to run a mile in under three minutes.

Standardbread Horse

Their shoulders and hindquarters are powerful, which means that they are an ideal choice for all those who love internet betting in UK. There are two kinds of Stadardbreds: trotters and pacers. Pacers are usually used for harness racing, as their legs on the same side move at the same time. Their temperament is calm and they can be easily trained.

No. 5: Appaloosa

This spotted charmer is one of the most powerful breeds. Although they are stubborn, Appaloosas also display a great amount of stamina and incredibly sturdy legs. They are also great at jumping, because they are very sure-footed.

Apaloosa Horse

They are also very calm and reliable, so if one aims for consistency when it comes to betting, these horses are a positively great choice. They are not usually prone to any diseases that might have an effect on their racing. And, a special plus: since their coats are dotted and colorful, it will be extra easy to spot them even without their numbers on the race track!

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